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Institute of Chartered Accountancy England and Wales - Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) - Professional Qualification

Academically oriented and keen to provide customized support for professional students looking to get extra support on the ACA Professional Qualification pathway.

I have prior teaching experience in different subjects but ACA accounting modules is where subject matter expertise lies in particularly because I use the qualification on a day to day basis in practice.

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All-time Students: 0 Total Classes: 52 Signed Up: 11 May 2021

About Me

Friendly, passionate about learning and teaching. Keen interest in accounting and finance topics.
Financial and Accounting Advisor by profession.
Violinist and theatre actor in my spare time.
Looking to for part time teaching opportunities in my field of expertise.

Tutor Experience

Ongoing practical sessions (Accounting & Finance) for working professionals at current place of employment.

MORSE Student Mentor in Department of Statistics, Warwick University

Math Tutor at an Academy for students of Year 7-9

Topic Expertise

I provide tailored support and customized tutoring for the following ICAEW ACA subjects:

Certificate Level:
Accounting - My score: 92%
Assurance - My score: 80%

Professional Level:
Financial Accounting and Reporting - My score 88%

Advanced Level:
Corporate Reporting - My score 74%

Client Reviews

So helpful, motivating and comforting! Definitely feeling a lot more confident about what I can achieve and passing my exam, thank you so much!


Very good


Very good. Tutor excellent


Really good tutor, went through at a good pace and was able to give further detail into why certain rules are in place which really helps understanding.


very helpful

- Finance

Really knowledgeable and well prepared for our class.


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(B.Sc Hons) Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics, University of Warwick
Secured second highest position in MORSE Class of 2012
Awarded 1st Year Academic Excellence Prize and Bursary.

ACA Qualification – Institute of Chartered Accountancy England and Wales (86%)


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