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About Me

I am passionate about languages and enthusiastic about teaching language. Some students come to me feeling unconfident and generally struggle to remember grammar rules or vocabulary, some others may not feel confident to express themselves. This is why I ensure my lessons are always motivating and fun!
I use a communicative approach where my students take active part in the lesson through understanding, thinking, eliciting and producing. My role as a teacher is to guide them through their learning process, considering their learning styles and personalities and making sure they always feel comfortable and engaged. Some activities I use include role plays, card games and free oral and written production.
Also, language is a powerful tool of mutual understanding and cultural dialogue and through my teaching I highlight the importance of cultural aspects in language use and in everyday life situations. When teaching Italian, for example, I introduce my students to some expressions that originate from customs and traditions and some of my topics can include Italian art, literature and regional cuisine.
Finally, one of my main goals as a teacher is to enable my students to enjoy the experience of communicating, thinking and reacting in a foreign language.

Tutor Experience

I have 9 year experience teaching Italian and English as foreign languages. I had the opportunity to teach in different contexts, cultures and to different ages and levels. I have taught Italian to individual students and corporate clients with different language requirements and purposes. I have also conducted preparation courses and exams for Italian GCSE and A level exams in different schools in London.

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BA Modern Languages and Cultures - University of Palermo
MA International Relations - University of Exeter