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I am a committed and highly motivated tutor, dedicated to making sure you reach and exceed your potential. I go above and beyond for everyone I tutor, providing additional resources, time, and detailed feedback. Former students I have tutored have gone on to top universities such as Cambridge, LSE and Oxford.

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University of Cambridge - Law - BA

I am a committed and highly motivated tutor, dedicated to making sure you reach and exceed your potential. I go above and beyond for everyone I tutor, providing additional resources, time, and detailed feedback. Former students I have tutored have gone on to top universities such as Cambridge, LSE and Oxford.

Recent Students: 12
Total Hours: 597
Last Online:
All-time Students: 89
Total Classes: 604
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Recent Students: 12Total Hours: 597Last Online:
All-time Students: 89Total Classes: 604Signed Up:

About Me

I have a broad range of interests outside of tutoring. I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music educator. I think having additional interests is vital in ensuring you have a well-rounded perspective of the world.

Alongside this, I am a Governor of Whitmore High School. My role involves providing oversight of the school and holding the senior leadership to account. I currently provide oversight of Special Educational Needs and Disability. I also spent years in the corporate world working at Goldman Sachs.

I am a public speaker. I have taken part in a number of debating, mooting and public speaking competitions. I was able to place best speaker and win a number of competitions. As well as speaking competitively, I also speak publicly for a number of other purposes, such as motivating and inspiring. I gave a speech at West Side Young Leaders Academy, motivating and encouraging young people to believe that Cambridge is a realistic prospect. I have undergone a number of speaking roles as a Stephen Lawrence Scholar, spoken on a live online show, and I have also spoken to thousands of students as a Cambridge Ambassador.

Finally, I have a number of different interests more generally. I am very tech savvy and enjoy teaching myself a number of different programming languages in my spare time. I have created and published a number of mobile apps and I am currently working on creating web apps and games.

Tutor Experience

My approach to teaching is extremely individualistic. I appreciate the fact that every student has a different way of learning, whether it be visually, orally or by any other means. So my approach to tutoring is understanding what exactly the student would like to get out of tutoring and the best way to engage in the subject with them. On top of this, I focus teaching on setting yourself apart from other applications, examinees etc. An important part of this is understanding how examiners and university admissions think. But beyond getting inside the mind of the reader, I place heavy emphasis on providing knowledge to set you apart from rest. Crucial to this is providing very specific feedback. It is very easy for a tutor to give general feedback on a subject matter. It takes much more for a tutor to tailor their feedback specifically to the individual. I prefer the tailored approach.

I have a huge amount of experience teaching, coaching, tutoring and generally mentoring others. This has included successfully tutoring A-level law students, giving in-depth feedback to multiple students on their personal statements, as well as offering specific advice on entrance exam and interview technique to students applying to Oxbridge. As well as focusing on mock questions, I believe it is important to also run you through real examples by using my own Cambridge Law Test and interviews as case studies to give you a sense of what you might expect.
In addition to these academic experiences, I also have various experiences teaching in a huge array of fields, such as: music theory and production, piano, English and applying for corporate jobs.

Topic Expertise

- Cambridge Law Test
- Essay writing tips
- Oxbridge law admissions
- Personal Statements
- University law interviews

Client Reviews

Very helpful! Gained lots of understanding on the overall LNAT and other questions.

- Law

Really welcoming and warm. I hope my real interviewers are like him :)

- Cambridge Law Test

Helpful! (As Always)


Really helpful lessons tailored to my needs.
Worked mainly on the essay which consisted of detailed feedback often done in advance, discussing techniques to improve with examples and planning essays together. Also always gave me common and difficult essay questions to consider and prepare and we worked on timing by discussing instincts to pick question I could best answer and rapid effective planning.
Also talked about the comprehension a little when I needed to which was helpful to direct me to the best resources.
Overall really helpful thank you so much :)


Cory gave really valuable resources and advice on how to approach both the MCQ and essay components of the LNAT.


Really friendly and encouraging. Allows me to develop my thinking in a way that is uplifting.


Corey Is very informative and explains structure and examples in great, more importantly clear, detail!


Very informative and helpful, every small detail, strength, and weakness I had was honed in on and discussed. Cory was very helpful and the lesson was comfortable and enjoyable. Great advice too!


Class was challenging and engaging , left with a stretched mind and lots of clarity .


Cory makes things simpler and he is very nice.

- Politics


'Cory was very helpful in both the LNAT and interview preparation. For the LNAT, he provided an effective essay structure that could be used for all topics. He also gave insightful feedback into my essays and how they could be improved, particularly in challenging my own assumptions and making sure there were no leaps in logic. For the interview, he replicated the conditions of an Oxbridge interview and stretched my thinking, teaching me to identify nuances in the questions and strengthening my analytical skills.' - Nathanael

'Cory was such a lovely teacher and instrumental in helping me with the LNAT and later the Cambridge interview. His comments and guidance on how best to structure my personal statement meant that I was able to send off a statement to UCAS that I was really proud of. With his help I was able to secure an offer from Cambridge, I cannot recommend him enought to someone who has doubts about applying to University for Law, and even a single lesson with him on the LNAT improved my confidence for the real thing.' - Shreeja Sharma

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BA (hons) Law - University of Cambridge;
A-levels: Law, Government & Politics, English Literature & Language