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Experienced academic tutor in Marketing and Public Relations with a proven track record of helping students to achieve exceptional results.

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Deakin University - Leadership - Graduate Certificate

Experienced academic tutor in Marketing and Public Relations with a proven track record of helping students to achieve exceptional results.

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About Me

As a tutor, my ability to relate academic theory and concepts to real-world situations comes from experience. This practical knowledge and insight were gained from 20 years in senior executive positions (Asia Pacific region) leading high-performing teams in sales, marketing, and business operations.

My Teaching Style
My aim is to help students improve their thinking. I use reflective questions to expand a student's perspective and to encourage robust and original ideas. Relevant theories and concepts are discussed to test and strengthen propositions and hypotheses. In addition, an appropriate structure for academic writing is discussed to ensure that the student's ideas are communicated effectively.

Tutor Experience

Since 2016, I have tutored undergraduate students at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in marketing & PR, leadership, business management, and entrepreneurship & innovation.

In addition to academic teaching, I am the principal consultant for a Brisbane-based corporate training company. To date, I have designed and facilitated more than 200 workshops for corporate clients primarily in leadership and communication skills.

Topic Expertise

Consumer Behaviour, Advertising Theory and Practice, Introduction to PR, PR Techniques, Create Advertising, Consumers and Media Channels, Advertising Management, International Marketing, Managing People, Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills, Managing Performance and Rewards, International Business in the Asia Pacific, Marketing Strategically, Managing Business Growth, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing Management, Marketing Planning and Management, Services Marketing, Managing Operations


James is an excellent tutor. He has vast knowledge and experience and the practicality to offer in marketing and public relations. He takes the time to really ensure that you understand the content. Without him, I would not have been able to pass the unit, my first attempt of the unit I failed then with James help I managed to not only pass but I got a Distinction as my overall mark. Without James, I’d probably still be trying to attempt the unit.

Cassandra Packer
Intern at LeadershipHQ

James is a genius. He’s helped increase my grades at university and he's an invaluable coach/mentor for my social enterprise. James is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I’ve ever known.

Dean Foley
Founder at Barayamal

Background Checks



• Graduate Certificate in Leadership, Deakin University, Australia
• Deakin Professional Practice credentials (4) in Leading and Developing People, Communication, Teamwork, Driving Strategic Results
• Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies from University of East Anglia, UK
• Member of Business Strategy Program, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, USA