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Hello! My name is Hakan, an encouraging, patient and experienced Maths teacher and tutor. I love working one-on-one with students to achieve their academic goals, gain confidence and reach their full potential. Do you aim to get better marks at school? Do you want to boost your grades before applying to university? Do you need more practice and clear explanations in certain topics? Master the Maths topics with me and gain confidence before the exams. Do you know how to use your graphing calculator (TI84, CASIO fx-CG50, TI-nspire)? Let me help you master calculator skills necessary for the IB exams.

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All-time Students: 63 Total Classes: 572 Signed Up: 30 Dec 2020

About Me

I graduated from university in 1999 and lived in Cape Town, South Africa and worked there as a Math teacher for about 7 years. Then I moved to Warsaw, Poland and here I studied and earned a MSc degree in Mathematics. I have been teaching mathematics (both IB and A-Level) at private schools since then. I'm married and have two kids. I love travelling, cycling and reading books.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching Mathematics for about 20 years. Before settling in Warsaw I lived in Cape Town, South Africa and worked there at a private high school as a Maths teacher. Currently I live in Warsaw and here I work at a private IB school where I teach both Analysis & Approaches (AA) and Applications & Interpretation (AI) Maths at Higher Level. I'm also an IB examiner since 2012. I do marking IB Math SL and HL papers every year. Besides teaching at school I'm tutoring MYP, preIB and IB students from different countries over Zoom using my iMac and a graphing tablet.

Topic Expertise

IB Mathematics: both subjects (Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation) in Standard and Higher Levels
A-Level: Pure Maths 1-4, Further Pure Maths 1-3, Statistics 1-2

Client Reviews

The teacher was late

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

Greta class, always! Mr. Hakan is always very supportive and patient.

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations

Mr. Hakan is by far one of the best teachers I could ask for this IB ride. So flexible and supportive!

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations

Mr. Hakan is straight to the point and gets you a lot of practice in a short period of time. Really helpful with asserting my understanding in topics.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

This tutor was not ready to answer the questions I asked. He sufficiently explained the place where I was struggling. He promised to provide a self-made list of similar questions.

- Further Mathematics

It has been great. This was my last lesson before my IB exams and I really appreciate all that I have learned here. Thank you for helping me with math! I really recommend this.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

It was great as usual, he explained the questions clearly and I finally understood a few concepts that were harder for me.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

Very helpful explanations. He's a great teacher

- Further Mathematics

Very helpful in preparation for my short test next week. Thank you

- Mathematics

He always comes to class very prepared. He's really helping me understand the topics I struggle with.

- Further Mathematics


Testimonial Mr. Hakan Aras is one of the best mathematics teachers that I have ever had a pleasure of working with. Throughout my whole IB I was taking tutorial lessons with Mr. Aras, throughout which I gained a lot of new mathematical skills. After the middle school, throughout which, due to the health problems I could not attend actively in my school lessons, making my mathematical skills were very poor. During the pre-IB and the IB, Mr. Aras helped me in both getting on with the program and filling the lacking bases. As well due to his teachings I saw and learned how fun and interesting mathematics can be. Wiktor Mandat IBDP student (May 2021) Warsaw POLAND

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• BSc in Mathematics Education (1999, METU)
• MSc in Mathematics (2012, UKSW)
• Certificate: IBDP Mathematics Higher Level Category 1 Workshop (2007, Athens, Greece)
• IB Examiner (since 2010)
• Certificate: IBDP Mathematics: Applications and interpretation Category 2 Workshop (2019, Warsaw, Poland)


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