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Gopi Krishna

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Nagarjuna University - M.Sc,B.Ed - IBDP Math HL Teacher

I am doing online tutoring sessions for the last 10 years for IBDP/CIE Mathematics at all levels incorporating present technologies equipped with continuous support.

Recent Students: 13 Total Hours: 473 Last Online: 30 May 2023
All-time Students: 27 Total Classes: 449 Signed Up: 27 Sep 2019

About Me

I am Gopi Krishna, and in my current position, I teach IB Mathematics (AA-HL/SL) since 2009 and my class average grade is more than 5.5 almost every academic year. I have the experience of guiding Math Extended Essay students and two of them achieved an A during May 2021 Examinations. I am also an IB examiner and Moderator (Team leader for IA). I like to play badminton with my two kids who are in grade 8 and grade 9. During my free time, I would like to help my kids in developing their Arithmetic and Mathematical skills by practicing quizzes and some fun activities.

Tutor Experience


I am doing online sessions since 2013 for IB Mathematics as well as IGCSE and A level examinations. I will recap the concepts provided with worksheets, past papers' questions practice and continued support. I have done online sessions for AMC (American Math contest) students also. I am confident with technology resources and extend my skills to make the students in developing mathematical skills and knowledge.

Topic Expertise

IGCSE/A level-Mathematics (Pure Math)
IB Mathematics (Analysis and Approaches-HL/SL)
AMC contests
Edexcel Mathematics

Client Reviews

This lesson was very helpful. What is great is that Mr Gopi has a lot of questions which you can have a look at. It helped me get up to speed with Eulers step method in Calculus and we had a look at plane intersection which i now feel a lot more confident in.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

It was a very good first session. It helped me a lot with differential equations and maclaurin series and the whiteboard was very useful.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

I highly recommend Mr.Gopi. He teaches very well and makes the understanding of the topics very easy with a variety of exercices that are all well explained!

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

very good, practiced a range of topics which were well explained.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

Very good, helpful practice of paper 3 and good explanations of questions and concepts.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

Very good! He explains every concept and then allows the student to learn how to apply them. Includes both theoretical and practical work!!!!

- Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations

Mr Krishna really clarified lots of areas I was uncertain about with precision and momentum. He supported me throughout the entire topic along with managed past papers to increase my familiarity with them. In addition, his knowledge with the IB curriculum helps me to efficiently raise my awareness and preparation.

- Mathematics

Mr.Gopi explained a completely new topic (differential equations) in a very clear and organized manner. Initially, we looked at understanding each model of solving individually; then, we looked at example problems to solidify my understanding.

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

The class we did today was a continuation on vectors. The explanation helped clarify many concepts which I now understand significantly better and the exercises we did on the topic were extremely useful

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

Nice speed, clarified anything I was unsure about. Approachable and easy to ask questions, patient, good explaining!

- Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches


TO WI-IOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN Mr.Gopi Krishna has been faculty member of MIT Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul for a total of 8 years. Presently he has been in the HOD position in the Math Department, rendering valuable services for our school. He has been teaching over the past 6 years Math HL and has been a constant guide and motivator for all his colleagues and students. It has been a privilege working with him as he has an independent and positive attitude towards his work and team members. He is cordial and helpful towards all and I appreciate his efforts all through his working tenure. I wish him all the best for his forthcoming career and life's journey and 1 highly recommend him without any reservations. If you have any further query, please do contact me. I will be happy to help. Thanking you Sincerely 1. Venugopal Principal MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul e-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 9881609064

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