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Gopi Krishna

M.Sc,B.Ed IBDP Math HL Teacher



I am doing online tutoring sessions for the last 10 years for IBDP/CIE Mathematics at all levels incorporating present technologies equipped with continuous support.

Gopi Krishna
508 classes

Nagarjuna University - M.Sc,B.Ed - IBDP Math HL Teacher

I am doing online tutoring sessions for the last 10 years for IBDP/CIE Mathematics at all levels incorporating present technologies equipped with continuous support.

Recent Students: 10
Total Hours: 529
Last Online:
All-time Students: 36
Total Classes: 508
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Recent Students: 10Total Hours: 529Last Online:
All-time Students: 36Total Classes: 508Signed Up:

About Me

Greetings, I am Gopi Krishna, and with unwavering dedication for over two decades, I have focused on the field of education, specializing in teaching IB Mathematics (AA-HL/SL). My extensive international experience, spanning more than 22 years, has granted me a rich global perspective. This journey has enabled me to consistently achieve high standards, with a class average grade exceeding 6, underscoring my commitment to nurturing deep mathematical understanding and excellence in my students.
In addition to classroom teaching, I take great pride in guiding students in their Math Extended Essays. Notably, during the May 2021 Examinations, two of my students achieved an impressive A grade, a testament to the quality of instruction and support provided in my classes.
My engagement with the International Baccalaureate program extends beyond teaching; I am an active IB examiner and serve as a Moderator, where I have had the privilege of leading a team in the evaluation of Internal Assessments (IA).
Beyond the classroom and professional sphere, my personal life is enriched by my two children, who are currently in grade 11 and grade 10. I enjoy quality family time by playing badminton with them, nurturing their physical and interpersonal skills. Moreover, during my free moments, I find joy in guiding my kids to enhance their arithmetic and mathematical abilities through engaging quizzes and enjoyable activities.
I am passionate about mathematics and committed to the holistic development of my students and family. If you would like to discuss any aspects of my professional or personal journey further, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Tutor Experience

I am Gopi Krishna, and for over two decades now, I have remained unwavering in my commitment to the field of education, specifically in teaching IB Mathematics (AA-HL/SL). My journey in the realm of international education spans more than 22 years, providing me with a wealth of global experience and perspective.
I have been actively conducting online tutoring sessions in the field of IB Mathematics, IGCSE, and A-level examinations since 2013. My pedagogical approach emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts, reinforced by tailored worksheets and thorough practice of past paper questions. Moreover, I place great importance on providing continuous support to my students to ensure their academic success.
In addition to my work with IB, IGCSE, and A-level curriculum, I have also successfully conducted online sessions for AMC (American Math Contest) students. This experience has equipped me with the technical proficiency needed to deliver effective online education, thus ensuring that my students receive a seamless and enriching learning experience.
My primary objective is to foster a deep-rooted understanding of mathematics in my students, empowering them to develop both their skills and knowledge. Through my extensive experience and expertise, I aim to contribute to their academic growth and success.

Topic Expertise

IGCSE/A level-Mathematics (Pure Math)
IB Mathematics (Analysis and Approaches-HL/SL)
AMC contests
Edexcel Mathematics

Client Reviews

Clear and really helpful explanation of sum and product of roots (in unit 3 Math HL A&A). Thank you!

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

My daughter was very pleased about her tutor lesson about synthetic division (IB high level, A & A, Year 11). She felt Mr Gopi's explanations were very clear. Thank you.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

incredibly helpful lesson thank you very much

- Maths

Gopi is excellent at explaining difficult concepts and very patient going through problems.

- Maths

This lesson was very helpful. What is great is that Mr Gopi has a lot of questions which you can have a look at. It helped me get up to speed with Eulers step method in Calculus and we had a look at plane intersection which i now feel a lot more confident in.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

It was a very good first session. It helped me a lot with differential equations and maclaurin series and the whiteboard was very useful.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

I highly recommend Mr.Gopi. He teaches very well and makes the understanding of the topics very easy with a variety of exercices that are all well explained!

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

very good, practiced a range of topics which were well explained.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

Very good, helpful practice of paper 3 and good explanations of questions and concepts.

- Maths: Analysis and Approaches

Very good! He explains every concept and then allows the student to learn how to apply them. Includes both theoretical and practical work!!!!

- Maths: Applications and Interpretations


21st September 2023

To Whoever It May Concern:
Re. Gopi Krishna Pasad Nanda

I have worked with Mr Gopi for over two years in my capacity as Head of School at Sreenidhi International School. Mr Gopi has worked at Sreenidhi for four years. As a teacher, he teaches Maths AA (HL) in IB DP and Extended Maths in MYP. In addition he is involved as a supervisor for the Extended Essay and leading the organic farming after-school club. His other major role is as Head of Department for Mathematics.

He has over 22 years of experience teaching Mathematics in International curricula, which includes CIE (up to A level), Edexcel (up to A levels), VCE (up to senior secondary), and AP calculus (BC and AB). His journey with IB Mathematics began in 2009, and he is currently facilitating AA Math (HL/SL). Additionally, he has served as an IB examiner and Moderator since 2010, and I has held the role of IA team leader since 2019. As a Senior Maths Extended Essay facilitator, he has guided students through this challenging aspect of the IB program. Mr Gopi is proud to be an authorized member of Lanterna Education, recognized as a top-tier teacher. Over the past four years, he has dedicated nearly 500 hours to teaching IBDP Mathematics and collaborating with students from diverse regions such as London, Luxembourg, Italy, Japan, Spain, France, South Carolina and the Netherlands through the Spires platform.

He is meticulous, detailed and very passionate about mathematics and student learning. Mr Gopi shows an excellent knowledge of the DP, but not just the mechanics, he demonstrates a passion and understanding of why it is different and how it connects to real-life. His attention to each individual student and support of colleagues is valued by all. It is a pleasure to work with him as he is a self-starter and works tirelessly for the good of the students. Students absolutely love him. He is an excellent teacher, teaching with enthusiasm and a joy that energises students.

He has many types of human qualities required to work with others, across backgrounds and shows patience, precision and subject knowledge. Mr Gopi cares about students and will go to great extents to support their learning and progress. This care extended beyond his classroom and he guides and supports other teachers.

Sreenidhi is lucky to work with Mr Gopi. He is hard working, collegial, knowledgeable, and principled. I recommend him. If you require any further information you can email me at any time.

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Nicolson

(Head of School, [email protected])


Mr.Gopi Krishna has been faculty member of MIT Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul for a total of 8 years. Presently he has been in the HOD position in the Math Department, rendering valuable services for our school.

He has been teaching over the past 6 years Math HL and has been a constant guide and motivator for all his colleagues and students. It has been a privilege working with him as he has an independent and positive attitude towards his work and team members. He is cordial and helpful towards all and I appreciate his efforts all
through his working tenure.

I wish him all the best for his forthcoming career and life's journey and 1 highly recommend him without any reservations. If you have any further query, please do contact me. I will be happy to help.

Thanking you


1. Venugopal
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul
e-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: 9881609064

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More than 10 years of experience in facilitating online sessions for IB/CIE Mathematics.