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PhD Astrophysics and Part III Maths tripos, Cambridge University

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Cambridge - PhD - Astrophysics

PhD Astrophysics and Part III Maths tripos, Cambridge University

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About Me

I am passionate about science, particularly physics and mathematics, I have authored two books on science (published by Routledge).
My particular interest is the interface between A-level pre-university and foundation/first year university for maths and physics students. Sometimes this transition is seen as a chasm rather than a transition.

Tutor Experience

Lecturer in Physics & Astronomy department, University College, London
Supervisor, Part 1a Mathematics Tripos, Cambridge
Lecture course given for University of Maryland at USAF Chicksands - Astronomy 101
Lecture course given at University of Luton in Computer Ethics
Publisher (and editor) of ten student textbooks in physics (including one A-level generic textbook)
Tutor with Spires since February 2020

Topic Expertise

I inhabit the interface between maths and physics. For me there is no dividing line.
My first degree was in physics. I did a masters year at Cambridge where I completed Part III of the Maths Tripos, (Wolfson College and the Department of Applied Maths & Theoretical Physics), which was followed by a PhD at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. In my research I helped lay the foundational knowledge of gravitational lenses.
I am a member and former fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

Client Reviews

good lesson

- Maths


- Oxbridge Entrance

my daughter really appreciated very much your teaching! She thinks that you are a supreme academic and extraordinary teacher!

- Physics

understanding binomial expansion was a different way of thinking which i found fun

- Maths

Good lesson on the curl

- Maths

made mistakes in integration but Nigel helped me understand her i made the errors

- Maths

Great. Covered the homework and Polarization of waves.

- Physics

Very helpful with tips about a variety of questions.


Really appreciate the help, I felt a lot of things that weren't so clear were easier to understand afterwards!

- Physics

Explanation of finding Jacobean helpful!

- Physics

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Physics BSc 2.ii Imperial College, London
Mathematics - Part III of the Maths Tripos, Dept of Applied Maths & Theoretical Physics, Cambridge
Astrophysics - PhD, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge