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Qualified and passionate Mathematics Teacher.

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Qualified and passionate Mathematics Teacher.

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Recent Students: 16Total Hours: 644Last Online:
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About Me

I started my Maths journey from the small island of Guernsey, UK. Growing up, I had the most influential Maths Teacher which led me to pursue a career teaching Maths. I pride myself on being a positive role model to students, removing the stigma attached to Maths and making it fun, enjoyable and accessible to all.

Tutor Experience

I am a qualified Mathematics teacher with a BSc Mathematics degree from the University of Exeter. I have 5+ years of teaching experience, two of which are teaching in the highly prestigious Brighton College International School in Bangkok. I have experience teaching the English National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4, IGCSE Mathematics, IGCSE Further Mathematics and A-level Mathematics.

I have ample experience teaching online to a class and one-to-one tutoring. I regularly integrate technology, such as Desmos, GeoGebra and Classkick, to enhance and support student learning.

Topic Expertise

I have 5+ years experience teaching the English National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4, GCSE Mathematics, IGCSE Mathematics, IGCSE Further Mathematics and A-level Mathematics.

Client Reviews

omg i understand circles now

- Maths


- Maths

Thank you! Anastasia got amazing results for her exams!

- Maths

Very nice and competent tutor

- Maths

exceptionnel teacher, who was able to raise my son's math level in a few months and restore his self-confidence. It wasn't winning in advance with my son who hated math and she took up the challenge brilliantly. Thank you Sophie.

- Maths


- Maths

Amazing teacher

- Science

I love my lessons with Sophie, she is very polite and understanding.

- Maths

Love the lesson and i understood so much

- Science

helped out a lot thank you ☺️

- Maths


"Mrs Smith gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to succeed in Maths. I always felt as if I could ask for help with no judgement. Her teaching style made learning Maths easier and more interesting. She never gave up on me, always striving for me to achieve the best grades I could."

"Sophie is such a great teacher, she helped me so much with Maths when I was struggling. She is so supportive and as a result, I did improve in Maths. The lessons were really fun and engaging. Lots of planning is put into the lessons and it pays off. She is such a great teacher and I highly recommend her."

“Previously, I didn't enjoy maths but having Mrs Smith as a teacher genuinely turned it into one of my favourite lessons, she is not only so kind but so patient with the whole class and made the lessons engaging and enjoyable too. I definitely wouldn’t have achieved the grade that I did had it not been for her. I am forever grateful and I think the rest of the class was too.”

" I definitely wouldn’t have achieved the grade that I did had it not been for Sophie. I am forever grateful."

"For the first time, I started to look forward to Maths lessons! Mrs Smith is a wonderful teacher, kind and understanding. There are many different activities to make the class not boring. She encourages me to improve but also makes me feel that it's absolutely okay to make mistakes or ask when I don't know something, which I think is very important!"

Sophie is a very good maths teacher, also for people who have to start from the beginning. Thanks to her, I achieved my goal in math. Math was even a bit fun afterwards :))

"I’m very grateful that I had Sophie as my teacher – what was once my least impressive subject ended up being my best, and I was able to achieve a UMS score of 298/300 at the end of the academic year, which I’d never thought possible. The lessons she taught me, in mathematics and out of, are things that I’ll always remember with fondness and appreciation."

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BSc in Mathematics, The University of Exeter
PGCE Mathematics, The University of York
Qualified Teaching Status