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Highly experienced (21 years) Philosophy and Religious Studies teacher/lecturer and Senior examiner & Dutch tutor.

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University of Hull and others - Philosophy - PhD

Highly experienced (21 years) Philosophy and Religious Studies teacher/lecturer and Senior examiner & Dutch tutor.

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Total Classes: 327
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Recent Students: 4Total Hours: 330Last Online:
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About Me

Highly experienced lecturer/teacher/tutor and senior examiner - I have been teaching Philosophy and Religious Studies for 21 years ages 16+ (A-level, undergraduates and postgraduates). Everyone I have tutored has improved significantly, some going up 2 grades and some achieving A* with my help in their A-levels and undergraduates in their papers/essays. I am an experienced examiner for Philosophy and Religious Studies (IB Philosophy, A-level Senior Examiner for AQA Philosophy and Examiner for OCR Religious Studies). I am a freelance writer who has published teaching resources, textbooks and other academic works as well as an author of philosophical children's stories. I am also bilingual English-Dutch and teach Dutch.

Tutor Experience

For the past 21 years, I have been teaching in schools, colleges and tutoring privately. My teaching career started in The Netherlands where I taught Philosophy and English as a Second Language at a Montessori secondary school. When I returned to the UK, I taught Philosophy and Ethics for a year in a school in Leicestershire and then went on to teach A-level Philosophy, Religious Studies, Critical Thinking, General Studies and Media Studies at various colleges. I have also been an examiner for 15 years for IB Philosophy and AQA Philosophy and am currently a Senior Examiner for AQA Philosophy ( 6 years) as well as an examiner for AQA A-level RS (2 years) and an examiner for OCR (1 year). I am an author of various articles, books and exam guides for Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Having done various degrees in Philosophy, including a Bachelors equivalent, a Masters in European Philosophy and PhD in Medieval Philosophy/Philosophy of Religion/Philosophy of Biology, I have extensive experience in writing academically. I have tutored many undergraduates and postgraduates studying Philosophy with great success, helping them with research papers, assignments and preparing for exams. Undergraduates are often overwhelmed in their first year with where to start, what to do and how to write. I can help in all these areas.

As I am bi-lingual in Dutch and English, I also teach Dutch at any level. Originally I taught Dutch at a language school in Birmingham but now teach it privately.

Topic Expertise

Philosophy at all levels
Religious Studies at A-level and some modules at degree level
Dutch at all levels

Client Reviews

I am so grateful for Karen! She gave me excellent feedback on my work! She marked it and gave detailed suggestions on how to improve – both with the structure, the phrasing, and the ideas I am trying to convey. She added relevant points that I can add to strengthen my essay, and even suggested who and what to cite. She did all this work in beforehand so we could spend the entire lesson efficiently discussing and going through the essay. I could not have asked for a better tutor, thank you Karen :) She is also very kind <3

- Philosophy

Karen is an excellent tutor, who explains philosophical concepts and ideas in clear and understanding manner. She works exceptionally hard and helps you the learner achieve your potential. I couldn't recommend Karen highly enough!

- Philosophy

Great teacher! Her overviews are really useful and a great way to have condensed notes to learn from, making it easier to understand the topics :)

- Philosophy

karen is an amazing tutor with lots of knowledge and experience. she has helped me develop my writing skills as well as consolidate my knowledge. she helped me improve my overall grade in the subject and made me enjoy and want to learn about it more would defiantly recommend !!.

- Philosophy

Great class!

- Philosophy

Very helpful and knowledgable tutoring session - thank you.

- Religious Studies

Background Checks



PhD in Philosophy and Dutch Studies
PGCE in Philosophy
Masters in European Philosophy
Masters in Art & Cultural Sciences
Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training (Philosophy)
Postgraduate Diploma in Research Training (Philosophy)
Bachelors equivalent in Philosophy
Bachelors in Dutch Studies