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I have a PhD in Computer Science and studied at the most prestigious university in France, the "Ecole Normale Supérieure". Full time CS tutor and English - French bilingual, I offer private tuition to UK and overseas students.

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Ecole Normale Superieure (France) - PhD - Computer Science

I have a PhD in Computer Science and studied at the most prestigious university in France, the "Ecole Normale Supérieure". Full time CS tutor and English - French bilingual, I offer private tuition to UK and overseas students.

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Total Hours: 747
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All-time Students: 60
Total Classes: 590
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Recent Students: 1Total Hours: 747Last Online:
All-time Students: 60Total Classes: 590Signed Up:

About Me

I have a PhD in Computer Science (on Graph Theory and algorithms). During my PhD I published six journal and conference articles, including at the most prestigious conference on algorithms: Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC 2011).

I studied at the most prestigious university in France, the "Ecole Normale Supérieure".

I am a full time Computer Science tutor. English - French bilingual, I offer private Computer Science tuition to (UK and overseas) university students and adult improvers.

Tutor Experience

Full-time tutor for university students, I have given over 1000 hours of Computer Science tuition in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 to over 70 students.

I have given tutorial classes and practical classes to degree-level Computer Science students (undergraduates years one through three) at Montpellier University (France): Introduction to programming (C) and Graph Theory (C++).

Topic Expertise

I offer tutoring in a broad range of topics, including:

- Programming: Expert level C++, university-level Python, C, Java, Haskell, Ocaml.
- Theoretical Computer Science: Algorithms, Analysis of Algorithms, Graph Theory, Logics, Automata, Combinatorics, Discrete Maths, Machine Learning, Coding theory...

Client Reviews

Amazing lesson. Thank you Jean.

- Programming

Very helpful. Jean was able to find an error in my work that I had missed.

- Computer Science

Jean has an amazing ability to see how to simplify problems

- Computer Science

Great tutor for my Python assignment

- Computer Science

This was my first experience with Spires, and couldn't be more pleased. Jean's class was a true Master Class. In only one hour, he helped me solidify some programming paradigms I wasn't clear about. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and also had excellent teaching skills. A hard to find combination. I will definitely contact him again.

- Coding

brilliant, as always

- Computer Science

great tutor, right on point. Very helpful.

- Computer Science

Jean is super awesome and he is really helpful when explaining ideas

- Computer Science

Jean discovered the problem in my code!

- Programming

The class was very helpful and informative. Jean was very patient and great at explaining things.

- Computer Science


Ivan (master's, C programming)
5 stars "An exceptional and professional tutor with in depth, subject matter expert knowledge coupled with clear communication and coaching skills. Over 6 hours of 1-2-1 tuition, Jean provided fantastic support, guidance relating to very technical and challenging aspects of C programme writing. Jean is a great tutor and I am delighted with his help to reach my key learning objectives and knowledge development. It should not be under estimated how difficult it can be to find such a high calibre tutor as Jean delivering excellent support in respect to computer science. Many thanks again, I highly recommend Jean for computer programme tuition and support."

Sakeen (undergrad, Python programming)
Excellent! "Jean has been brilliant at breaking down problems and has helped me understand concepts that I struggle with. He is extremely patient, and is always pushing me to think about what is happening in the code until I understand perfectly. He is a great guy and an amazing teacher, and I would highly recommend him! "

Jonathan (engineer, C++ programming)
5 stars. "Jean is really friendly and welcoming. He provided links to excellent learning resources which I have found very useful, and that I otherwise would never have found. He has very quickly established the right level for me to begin at, and all of my lessons so far have been really productive. He is patient when I need a moment to think and get my head around a concept, and encouraging and helpful when I'm working through something during a lesson."

Joseph H (CS master's)
5 stars. "Excellent CS tutor. Jean is an expert in the mathematical side of Computer Science and has helped me to understand and solve the complex problems of my Fundamentals of Computing module. Outcome: Distinction in coursework modules and good preparation for exams."

Thomas (undergrad, C++)
Perfect! "The tutoring in C language programming was very helpful. Jean was resourceful and patient in going through the C++ mock exam along with answering subject questions. His programming background made it nice to ask extensive questions about variation in semantics or syntax.
Our tutor sessions were at his house, his family was very welcoming and inviting. The two exam preparation sessions were great, writing code and drawing diagrams helped solidify C Language conventions.
Thanks for helping me pass with flying colors!"

Marie (undergrad, C++ for finance)
"Jean has been a huge help. He explains things very clearly, is supportive and has amazing ability to understand new concepts/equations quickly and implement them. Would definitely recommend!"

Darius (A-levels, Python):
5 stars. "He explains the instructions for Python programmes very well. He was very succinct in explaining complex code. His demonstration was very good when using the whiteboard, in explaining the Computer programming work."

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- PhD (2011)
- gave university tutorial and practical classes
- full time CS tutor