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Experienced Mathematics and Statistics teacher (5+ years) familiar with all UK exam boards.

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Southampton University - Statistics - PhD

Experienced Mathematics and Statistics teacher (5+ years) familiar with all UK exam boards.

Recent Students: 10
Total Hours: 460
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All-time Students: 54
Total Classes: 462
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Recent Students: 10Total Hours: 460Last Online:
All-time Students: 54Total Classes: 462Signed Up:

About Me

I am a dedicated, hardworking statistician but I also understand the importance of a social life alongside this. I am a very active member of one of the local tennis clubs. I am kind and patient which enables me to build a strong working relationship with the tutee. This then enables them to achieve their full potential whether that is progressing in a mathematical field or if it is just getting through your exams.

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring ever since I finished my A-levels. The amount of time dedicated to this has varied depending on my own studies.

I have provided 1:1 tuition as well as group tuition at a wide variety of levels ranging from early secondary school all the way up to degree level. I have extensive experience tutoring both GCSE and A-levels. I am comfortable teaching the syllabus of all exam boards. I have the most experience teaching the Edexcel (GCSE) and MEI (A-level) courses.

I have over 5 years of experience teaching Maths in secondary schools. I have taught both ordinary and further maths at A-level including all the different components of these courses (stats, mechanics, and decision).

During my PhD, I have run Mathematics / Statistics tutorials for a variety of students (Mathematics students as well as students on other courses with Mathematics / Statistics modules). This has involved computer practicals in the software R and I would be happy to provide tutoring in the use of R. My experience of teaching R extends from absolute basics (inputting data) all the way up to complex simulations / complex modelling.

Topic Expertise

The vast majority of my degree studies has been within statistics so I would say that my real specialism is statistics. I would be capable of providing tuition in statistics to all levels. I can also teach pure mathematics up to A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. At a stretch I could extend to teaching first year undergraduate Mathematics.

Client Reviews

My son is really enjoying his sessions with Matthew and is already feeling more confident with statistics!

- Statistics

Matthew was encouraging and very knowledgable. My son really enjoyed working with him.

- Statistics

Great Tutor!

- Statistics

Matthew has been a massive help throughout my Final year Statistics university degree. I would highly recommend to everyone as he his very talented at explaining difficult concepts, making them easy to understand when i was struggling. Thank you Matthew, you are a great guy and a great teacher.

- Statistics

Very pleased with this session. Matthew takes his time to explain concepts well and clearly. Is also very patient and demonstrates an excellent understanding of his subject. Would highly recommend him for tutoring.

- Statistics

Good ! Thank you

- Maths

Dylan always enjoys his lesson with Matthew, and the standard of the lesson is excellent.

- Statistics

Super helpful and very pleased to have a plan of action with Matthew.

- Statistics

It was great he made me understand the parts I didn't understand in class in a more detailed way

- Maths

Wonderful lad. Very clear clarification of the contents and quick service

- Statistics

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11 GCSES including Mathematics, English Language and Literature, 3 Sciences

A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology

BSc Mathematics and Statistics (Reading University)

MSc Statistics (Southampton University)

PhD Statistics (Southampton University)