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I am a friendly, enthusiastic teacher from London and I teach English Language, English Literature and Music. I specialise in tutoring students for AQA GCSE English Language and Literature. I always aim to create a comfortable learning environment for my students that encourages them to be creative, ask questions and share ideas.

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University College London (UCL) - English Literature and Language - Postgraduate Certificate in Education

I am a friendly, enthusiastic teacher from London and I teach English Language, English Literature and Music. I specialise in tutoring students for AQA GCSE English Language and Literature. I always aim to create a comfortable learning environment for my students that encourages them to be creative, ask questions and share ideas.

Recent Students: 15
Total Hours: 562
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All-time Students: 24
Total Classes: 537
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Recent Students: 15Total Hours: 562Last Online:
All-time Students: 24Total Classes: 537Signed Up:

About Me

I have been teaching for over eight years and have taught every age group, from EYFS all the way to A-Level (including some adult learners). I have worked in schools in England, Wales and Portugal and, in each place I have worked in, I have been commended for my enthusiasm, creativity, thoughtful teaching approach and positive rapport with students. I love teaching Shakespeare as I used to be part of a Shakespeare theatre company for young people.

As well as being a tutor, I am also a musician. I play the piano, oboe, saxophone and drums and enjoy composing my own music, creating arrangements and playing with other musicians.

Tutor Experience

I have taught a variety of subjects and age groups, both in schools and online. My main training and experience is in teaching English Literature and Language (KS3-KS5) but I have also taught ESL/EAL, Music, Drama and PSHE. I have taught in comprehensive and international schools so I have experience teaching both GCSE and IGCSE. I taught the WJEC exam board for two years and then Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A-Level in my third and fourth years as a classroom teacher. Since becoming an online tutor in October 2022, I have taught 38 students across several agencies and now specialise in tutoring students for AQA exams (English Literature and Language). Other one-to-one tutoring experience includes teaching piano, ABRSM Music Theory and ESL/EAL. I also provided one-to-one support for GCSE/IGCSE, AS-Level and A-Level students during my years as a classroom teacher.

Subjects, age groups/levels and years' experience:
- English Literature and Language (KS3 and GCSE/IGCSE) [6 years]
- English Literature (AS-Level and A-Level) [2 years]
- ESL/EAL (A2.1-B2.1) [4 years]
- Music AS-Level [1 year]
- Primary Music (EYFS-KS2) [1 year]
- Piano and Music Theory (students aged 5-14) [4 years]
- Drama (Year 7) [1 year]
- PSHE (Year 9) [2 years]

Topic Expertise

AQA GCSE English Language and Literature
Cambridge IGCSE English Language and Literature

Shakespeare Texts:
- Romeo and Juliet
- Macbeth
- Twelfth Night
- A Winter's Tale
- A Midsummer Night's Dream
- Measure for Measure

19th Century Prose:
- Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
- A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)
- Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)
- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Robert Louis Stevenson)

20th Century Prose:
- Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck)
- The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
- Animal Farm (George Orwell)
- Lord of the Flies (William Golding)
- Small Island (Andrea Levy)
- Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro)

20th Century Drama:
- An Inspector Calls (J. B. Priestley)
- A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams)
- Sweet Bird of Youth (Tennessee Williams)
- A View from the Bridge (Arthur Miller)

Poetry Anthologies:
- Power and Conflict (AQA)
- Love and Relationships (AQA)

Client Reviews

Superb as always. Thanks Eve!

- English Literature

Eve is amazing! She utterly engaged my 15 year old son who loved her energy and was total energised and confident afterwards. He also 'learnt loads and didn't know how much he knew until Eve challenged him with her questions!' Superb!

- English Literature

Amazing class! I always greatly enjoy these lessons. The quality of lessons are always top class, and definitely have immensely helped me with my studies.

- English Literature

Eve is exceptionally dedicated and wants students to succeed. I get a wealth of resources and feedback from Eve to support my learning .

- English Literature

Very comfortable to speak to and a lot of help!

- English Literature

Very helpful and is very patient when you don’t understand anything!

- English Literature

Cole enjoyed Eves lesson. They are enjoyable and informative. Many thanks

- English Literature

Thank you Eve! We are progressing in the right direction. After 3 sessions we are already seeing a difference in homework grades 🤩

- English Literature

This was my daughter’s first session with Eve, but she clicked with her straight away. She was well prepared, enthusiastic and encouraging. She is clearly committed to helping her students, by taking an individualised approach. Thank you so much and keen to carry on!

- English Language

Eve is a great tutor

- English Language


As someone who was not the best when it came to exams I can say that without the help of Eve I would not have been able to achieve the grades I did in the GCSEs of 2023. Throughout Year 11 I was predicted 5s and 6s across both Language and Literature but when I started my lessons with Eve that changed drastically. Not only did Eve teach me specific exam techniques but also level 9 content that those who wanted to achieve the best grades would study. In every lesson Eve was extremely nice and most of all showed that she really cared about how I would do. As GCSEs were around the corner I was the most confident I had ever been with my skills in both English Language and Literature and ended up achieving a grade 8 in English Language as well as a 7 in English Literature. I could not thank Eve enough for how much effort she put into all of our sessions. I highly recommend Eve as a tutor not only for how much she made me improve in English but by also being a genuinely nice person. (Ollie, Year 11 student, 2023)

I don’t think I have met a tutor/teacher who really cares to get the best out of the child as much as you do. Give them knowledge, support and push them to raise their confidence, take interest in their other subjects/activities. You are a true example of what a real teacher should be. And boys and girls who have you as their tutor they are very lucky! We would have been happy for Ollie to get 6, considering his January results... But he brought home 8 and 7, and all thanks to you. I think this is amazing achievement. We can’t thank you enough. I’m sure we will see each other again for Luca. He is good in English and history. But with you he will reach his maximum and will bring home 9, without doubt! Thanks again. (Tatiana, parent of Year 11 student, 2023)

I am really grateful to Eve for all the help she has given me. I started lessons with her at the beginning of year 11 when I was really struggling with English literature and language. I wasn’t achieving the grades I wanted. Eve helped to build my confidence and she made me feel fully prepared for my exams. Thanks to her amazing sessions I was able to achieve a grade 9 in both literature and language. She used to tailor each class to my needs and provide excellent materials that were so useful to look back on when I was revising. Additionally, Eve was always there to support me at any time whether I need some extra help with a piece of homework or I had a question about one of my texts. I would recommend Eve to everyone as she is a brilliant teacher who engages her students despite many of our lessons being over an hour. Lessons were always interesting, different and never boring. Moreover, Eve used to mark all my work and provide me with detailed constructive feedback which I would have been lost without. Eve is brilliant at breaking down the complex subject into manageable pieces, creating achievable goals, and tracking my progress making learning English not just manageable, but also enjoyable. What sets Eve apart is her dedication. She was always available to answer questions, provide extra resources, and offer encouragement whenever I needed. Overall, I can’t thank Eve enough for all the help she has given me over last year and I would highly recommend her as a tutor. (Aarya, Year 11 student, 2023)

I just want to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am for your help in both my English Literature and English Language GCSE, you have honestly been one of the best teachers I've ever had. You have always gone the extra mile to ensure I am prepared for every English exam and I am more than thankful for this. (Prince, Year 11 student, 2023)

Thank you Eve, you are an amazing teacher and I really appreciate all you have done for me. Whenever I am doing any English work I can feel a massive difference in my confidence and ability because of your help. Thank you. (Aarya, Year 11 student, 2023)

A very happy parent. When my son took his first English Lit mock he came in at a 3, needless to say, he was disappointed and so were we. We sat down and decided that the best course of action would be a tutor. Our friends were using Spires for a History tutor and recommended this platform to us. We went through the profiles and really liked Eve's profile, she stood out and seemed to be perfect for us. After meeting Eve online, we knew instantly that she would be great. She made my son feel at ease, got to know him and asked him what he thought about English Lit and the texts, poems etc. he needed to study. She was really thorough but really personable at the same time and so it was a no-brainer to go with her. So, after working with Eve for a few months, the second set of mocks came around and she got my son from a 3 to a 6, which we were absolutely delighted with. My son had his actual English Lit exam yesterday, Wednesday 17th May, and Eve not only checked in the night before to say good luck and to make sure he was ready but she also checked in last night to see how it had gone. I would 100% recommend Eve to anyone struggling with English Literature, she has been absolutely amazing and I am fully confident, as is my son, that he will get a 6 or above in his actual GCSE. Thank you again, Eve - a great tutor. (Tina, parent of a Year 11 student, 2023)

Eve is an excellent teacher! Always willing to go above and beyond to help my daughter with whatever she needs. (Dee, parent of a Year 11 student, 2023)

Background Checks



Gatehouse Awards, i-to-i 120-Hour Online TEFL Course (2019)
- Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teach First Leadership Development Programme, The University of Wales Trinity St David (2015-2017)
- PGCE (Secondary English)

University College London [UCL] (2011-2014)
- BA Hons in English Literature & Language (2:1)

SFH6, Sydenham School & Forest Hill School Sixth Form (2009-2011)
- A-Level English Literature (A*), A-Level Music (A), A-Level French (B), AS-Level History (C)

Sydenham School (2004-2009)
- GCSEs (5A*s, 9As)

ABRSM Grades
- Grade 8 Oboe, Grade 6 Piano, Grade 3 Singing