Where can I find past papers for A-Level Psychology?

Are you studying A-Level Psychology and want to know where to find past papers? In this article you will find the best sources for student research. As an online tutor, it is important that students put their skills and knowledge into practise. For this reason, we have compiled a list of sources for A-level psychology assignments.

The first source available is the official website of exam boards such as AQA, OCR and Edexcel. On these websites you will find full exam questions, mark schemes, examiner reports and other guides to the course topics. In addition, these websites also contain information on current syllabus changes and their possible impact on future exams. In addition, many universities offer free or discounted copies of their own sample papers or exams so that students can practise before the exams.

Finally, there are numerous websites that offer comprehensive collections of exam papers specifically for A-level psychology courses. On these websites, for a fee, you can download entire packages of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), short-answer questions (SAQs) or essay answers from different years of study and subject areas. These services often include detailed sample answers written by experts and tips on how to approach each question type.

Overview Of A-Level Psychology

A-level psychology is a fascinating subject that allows students to explore human behaviour. It shows why people think and act the way they do, and how mental processes can affect our lives. A-level courses provide an excellent foundation for postgraduate study in psychology.

The A-level psychology syllabus covers topics such as social influence, memory, cognitive development, research methods and biological rhythms. In addition, key examination techniques are taught throughout the course, from essay writing to critical analysis. This prepares students for their final exam in psychology. In addition, many universities consider A-level grades in psychology to be highly desirable when assessing potential candidates for university placements.

Understanding Exams And Assessment Criteria

Examination criteria, assessment guidelines and the creation of marking schemes are essential components of exam preparation. It is important to know the specific format and structure of a particular exam before taking it. Students can better prepare for their exams if they know what types of questions will be asked in an exam and how each question will be scored. Knowing the exam criteria, marking guidelines and grading scheme in advance can help you plan your study strategy to be well prepared on exam day.

Besides knowing the exam structure, there are other ways to pass an exam, such as practising mock tests under timed conditions and using online resources such as exam papers. Working through exam papers gives students the opportunity to become accustomed to both the style and content of the questions asked in a psychology A-level exam, while allowing them to understand exactly how answers should be structured according to the scoring system. 

Locating Official Exam Papers

The search for official exam papers can be compared to a journey. It takes time and patience, but it pays off. Below are 4 steps you can take to find A-level psychology exam papers:

1. Check with your school or university library to see if they have copies of the relevant exam.

2. Search online databases such as JSTOR or EBSCOhost for psychology and other articles. On these sites you will often find copies of past exam papers listed under ‘Related Resources”.

3. Visit websites specifically dedicated to resources for A-level psychology students – many of them offer free downloads of past exam papers, as well as helpful tips and advice on coursework.

4. Find out about reputable publishers who specialise in producing books of sample questions and answers for various subjects, including psychology – some even offer full practise tests based on the current syllabuses used by educational institutions across the country.

Good luck with these four strategies for finding study materials!

Resources From Educational Institutions And Exam Board

Resources from educational institutions can help students access A-level psychology exam papers. Exam boards, university websites and school websites are the main sources of such materials. Exam boards usually provide sample exams and marking schemes that can help students understand the format and nature of questions in the exams. You can find exam papers and study guides on university websites.

School websites also provide archived material on individual subjects, e.g. for psychology in the sixth form. Such documents help with revision and can improve students’ understanding of their coursework. It is important to check whether a website requires registration before viewing the content, as some universities require this.

Online Repositories Of A-Level Psychology Past Papers

The information age has brought about a new way of learning and vast amounts of knowledge. For students looking for A-level psychology exam papers, online repositories are increasingly becoming the preferred option. These resources are invaluable and provide a wealth of material for self-study or group work.

There are many options for online repositories. Many educational websites have psychology sections where users can search for topics. These include research papers, reviews and articles from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and Cambridge University. Many universities offer free access to databases containing hundreds of thousands of documents, making them an ideal source for A-level Psychology past papers.

As more schools move to virtual learning environments and digital classrooms become commonplace, online repositories will continue to play an important role in helping learners succeed in all subject areas. Given the wealth of information available, these platforms enable learners to quickly and effectively acquire a body of knowledge while staying current in their subject area. They serve as a treasure trove and are an indispensable tool for exam preparation, e.g. for the Abitur.

Sample Questions And Answers

Familiarise yourself with the structure of the questions and answers after you have obtained the examination papers for the Abitur in Psychology. Sample questions will help you study and prepare for the exam. There are many different topics within psychology. Depending on which exam you choose, there are a variety of sample questions and sample answers to show you how to answer them correctly.

Understanding the type of question asked – e.g. multiple choice or essay – can help students identify what type of information they need to focus on when studying. Understanding psychological research methods such as case studies and surveys can help with the analysis of each question. Exam boards offer helpful resources such as practise tests, sample answers and marking schemes to help students assess their own performance when practising. 

Revision Materials

Psychology revision is important for A-level exams. Revision materials, such as past exam papers, can help students prepare for exam questions and develop strategies for answering them. Exam papers can be found online at psychology and test preparation websites. Past exam questions are also available from subject-specific organisations and universities.

In addition to these official sources of exam questions, there are many free self-study tips and tricks that can be used when reviewing psychology topics. For example, mindmaps or flashcards that link key concepts can speed up and simplify understanding of complex topics. Multiple-choice questions and timed practise tests boost confidence in the exam. Finally, sharing ideas with peers about specific topics can provide further insight into how best to approach different aspects of the psychology exam.

Tutor Support Services

To maximise students’ chances of success, tutor support is crucial in exam preparation, providing guidance and expertise. Like a lighthouse guiding their way through the darkness, these professional tutors provide much-needed support tailored to their individual needs. From A-level Psychology past papers to revision support, these resources can help students reach their full potential. Psychology tutoring services are listed below:

  • Exam Preparation
  • Professional Coaching on Specific Topics & Exercises
  • Learning Techniques & Strategies
  • Revision Support
  • A-Level Counselling
  • Individual Counselling on Course Materials


Tutorial support opens up new opportunities for students who are struggling with their studies or are overwhelmed by the demands of exams and schoolwork. With access to experts in a variety of fields and subject areas, they receive personalised feedback and gain confidence in tackling difficult assignments. By providing access to experienced professionals who know how best to prepare for exams, these services make it easier for students to make the most of their education and increase their chances of academic success.

Relevant Textbooks

Textbooks and revision books are a great way to gain an in-depth understanding of past A-level psychology exams. The following textbooks and revision books are recommended for students’ exam preparation:

  • Psychology by Michael W. Passer, Ronald E. Smith, Nigel Holt, and John Bancroft (ISBN 9780205221953)
  • Cara Flanagan, Matt Jarvis, and Rob Liddle’s AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS – Student Book(ISBN 9781510424992)
  • AQA Psychology for A Level Year 2 by Mike Cardwell, My Revision Notes (ISBN 9781471863677)

These resources provide comprehensive material on the topics covered in the exam. They also include exam practise questions and useful advice from experienced tutors on how to approach the exam papers. These books will boost confidence for the exam. Many websites offer explanations of the topics and tips on time management in the exam.

Formal Classes Or Courses

The next step is to take a course to get A-level psychology exam papers. Depending on the student’s learning style, this can be done online or offline. Taking formal courses in psychology offers several benefits, such as structured training from experienced professionals, access to resources such as textbooks, exam preparation tips and opportunities for skill development.

Online courses are ideal for busy people who want to learn more about their subject. Online psychology courses can include lectures with audio-visual content, guided activities, self-study assessment tasks and other A-level psychology exam materials. These courses allow students to practise problems on specific topics before the final exam. In this type of class, an instructor is often available to answer questions and provide real-time feedback as needed.

Formal, physical classroom situations are also beneficial in preparing for the A-level exam. Instructors explain course material in detail and help students understand concepts better than online methods. Some face-to-face courses include practise tests or practical exercises that help learners prepare for the actual exam. Taking a formal course – online or in person – will help you prepare for the A-level exam in psychology.

Professional Coaching Services

Coaching can help A-level psychology students. Coaching helps students develop the skills they need to succeed in their studies. Professional coaches usually have experience in psychology and know how best to help students achieve their goals.

Professional coaching provides more individualised attention than classroom instruction. Coaches use strategies such as goal setting and time management to help students stay organised and focused on achieving academic goals. Coaches may also provide practise questions from previous exams or other exam aids. Professional coaching offers a tailored approach to learning that has proven effective for many A-level psychology students.

Self-Study Options

Self-study is important for passing a psychology exam. For those who want to study on their own, there are several options. Past papers are a good way to study for a psychology exam. Exam papers can be used for practise. Some universities charge a fee or require registration to access these documents online or in libraries. Alternatively, websites such as Exam Papers Plus offer free A-level psychology exam papers to download.

For students who need more support, there are online tutoring services. Tutors provide personalised support and feedback tailored to the student’s needs and goals. Individual tuition can improve a student’s understanding and exam performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Enrolling In A Formal A-Level Psychology Course?

It’s important to consider both the financial and non-financial costs of formal A-level psychology study. Although enrolling in such a programme can be expensive, there are often other costs beyond tuition fees that also need to be considered. From textbooks to online resources, considering these costs can help in deciding whether to take this course.

Formal A-level psychology courses cost hundreds to thousands. Many providers offer discounts for early enrolment, so finding a course early can save you money! Scholarships can reduce the cost. However, applicants usually need to have good academic records and good references from trainers to qualify for these funds.

Regardless of your budget, you should research A-level psychology degree programmes before you commit. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to make your final choice – including how much money you’re willing (and able) to spend! Finding the right course at the right price will maximise your experience and save you money.

Is There An Age Requirement For Taking An A-Level Psychology Exam?

The current H2 asks whether a certain age is required for an A-level psychology exam. It’s important to know the regulations and requirements of a particular exam as they can affect whether or not one is admitted to an exam. Therefore, this question should be answered so that prospective students can make informed educational decisions.

Different countries have different entry requirements for A-level examinations in psychology. In most regions, 16-year-olds are required to sit these exams. This is because A-levels are considered more advanced than other types of qualifications due to the higher academic standards and depth of knowledge required. Even if they meet all the other requirements of the exam provider, under-16s may not be prepared for these exams. In addition, in some countries there is an age limit for sitting the upper-secondary psychology examinations, which ranges from 18 to 21 years, depending on the region.

Are There Any Free Online Resources For A-Level Psychology Revision?

There are many free online resources for studying for the A-level Psychology exam. These can help students gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the exams. Using past exam papers, students can practise answering questions on the course material.

Psychology tutors often give advice on specific topics or techniques to improve exam performance. Courses from educational institutions can help you prepare for the exam.

Are There Any Tutors Who Specialize In A-Level Psychology?

Prospective students looking for A-level psychology tutors should know that more than 67% of first-year students use private tutoring. With so many resources available, it’s possible to find professional and experienced psychology tutors who specialise in helping students with their studies.

When looking for an A-level psychology tutor, there are several options you can consider. Online directories or psychology tutoring services can help you find a tutor. Websites such as Find A-Level Tutor provide highly rated tutors. Professional psychologists also frequently advertise on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, making them easier to reach than ever before.

If you want one-on-one attention from experts, contact local universities and colleges for psychology tutoring. Many institutions have staff members who work with each student to achieve their academic goals. With direct access to professionals, students receive expertise tailored to their needs and can improve their academic weaknesses.

Is There A Way To Access Past Exam Papers For A-Level Psychology Without Signing Up For A Paid Service?

When considering whether there is a way to access past A-level psychology exam papers without signing up to a paid service, it is important to consider the different options available. Some services charge for access to past exam papers, but you can easily find free resources online.

You can find free resources by searching student forums and discussion boards. These are usually frequented by students who have taken their exams and are willing to give advice or provide sample papers they have used during their studies. Many educational institutions provide students with free access to past exam papers on their websites so that potential students and tutors can view the content of previous exams. This resource can help with revision by familiarising students with exam topics.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that sixth form psychology exams require extensive research and preparation. Students should consider taking a course, contacting tutors with subject knowledge or using online resources to prepare. Previous exam papers are free of charge.

One student obtained free exam papers from the school library website. This enabled them to familiarise themselves with the type of questions they could expect on the day of the exam. It also allowed them to take their time practising and reviewing topics that were difficult for them. This helped them to feel confident on exam day.

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