Economics BSc

I am an extremely passionate, patient and supportive tutor, who always encourages his students to aim for the very top.

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About me

My plans for the immediate future include becoming fluent in 2 other languages (Persian and German), travelling to Russia to support the Iranian national football team during the World Cup, learning to sing/play the piano and perhaps the hardest of them all - reading a book.

Tutor Experience

I teach my students how to learn, so that they become self-independent and able to cope academically at the highest levels. I also believe that each student is different and learns in a different way. Therefore, I always adapt my teaching style to fit the learning style of my students in order to optimise their learning and to help them maximise their potential.

Having studied Economics at LSE, I am able to cover a wide range of subjects up to university level including Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics and Statistics. My past tutoring experience ranges from 11+ entrance exams all the way up to university level modules.


...'Amir was very patient and thorough when explaining difficult concepts.' 'Amir is a very good tutor. He prepares every session in detail and knows exactly what he is doing. He provides good answers to each of my questions; in general he has a great teaching style. Amir is always on time and I can even contact him via phone if I have any further questions during the week. After each session he writes a small recap, which I didn't expect him to do; this shows his extraordinary level of commitment. Overall, one can say that Amir is a great tutor; he is committed and reliable and has a good teaching style.'

Client Reviews

Jaynika - Other

thorough lesson covered everything in detail

Jaynika - Other

in depth lesson covering exchange rates. Amir was very patient and thorough when explaining difficult concepts.


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First Class Honours, BSc Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science


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