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Professional Undergraduate Economics Tutors

All of our high quality Undergraduate Economics Tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

  • professional online Economics tutor Singh
    M.Phil., New Delhi
    Hello! I have taught Economics, Statistics, Econometrics modules at the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Economics & Business programs such as Microeconomics, Quant Methods, Data Analysis, Statistics and Econometrics.

    Get in touch to schedule a class for any of these modules :)
    3523 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Neha
    Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute
    Masters of Science (MSc) in Quantitative Economics, Cleared Core Technical series in Actuarial Science
    7863 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Amir
    LSE BSc Economics , UCL MSc Machine Learning
    Specialising in Econometrics, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning and Admissions

    692 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Dr. Johan
    PhD in Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde
    Dr. Johan is a professional academic and business consultant based in Scotland. He is also the founder of Vox Solo a think tank based in Glasgow.
    1891 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Shubh
    Econometrics and Statistics , Best Selling Author
    Specialise in Econometrics and Statistics. Author of 5 books on Amazon (2 for Statistics and 3 for Econometrics). Ask me a doubt ten times, I would still be patient and would come up with new examples to make the concept simpler to understand.
    2959 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Abhay
    Economics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
    Economics Statistics, Quantitative and Econometrics Tutor: I have experience teaching students from BBK, DCU, ESADE, ESIC, EHL, ICBS, JHU, KCL, KBS, LSE, QMUL, RMIT, RHUL, SUMAS, UCL, UOL, UHOH, UoN, UvA, UCL, UiO, UPenn, our, UOY, VU, WBS, CASS Pitzer, York, Tufts, Brunel, City-UOL, Keio, Glasgow Monash, Waseda, Hohenheim, Bocconi, etc.
    1623 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Sam
    Economics with Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science
    My goal as an economics tutor is to make the subject as interesting and exciting as I know it can be and in the process help my students achieve top marks in their exams.
    320 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Hussein
    Civil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Concentration, American University of Beirut
    I have been teaching various subjects in civil engineering for over 9 years at a university level including foundations engineering, soil mechanics, soil mechanics laboratory and construction materials laboratory. I also teach structures, structural mechanics and structures design software, fluid mechanics and hydrology, engineering economics, among others.
    1937 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Vanee
    BBA, Mahidol University International College
    Experienced economics tutor. Economics and learning are my passions, and I would love to pass this to my students in a fun and inspiring way!
    917 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Hijaab
    Economics, University College London (UCL)
    Reliable, Professional and Friendly tutor - UCL Graduate
    212 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor Thomas
    Economics and Economic History, London School of Economics
    Experienced tutor specialising in Maths, Economics, History, Politics and Oxbridge admissions. I set out to help you grow your confidence in the subject, focusing on really understanding it, so you can realise your potential.
    123 hours taught
  • professional online Economics tutor David
    1st Degree; Politics and American Studies, Swansea University

    1768 hours taught

Recent Economics Undergraduate Tutor Class Reviews

Antonio - Felix- Economics - Undergraduate
5th September 2023
Really helpful explanations
Antonio - Teodora- Economics - Undergraduate
30th August 2023
Very interactive and helpful tutor!
Mohammad Zeqi - Abdullah- Economics - Undergraduate
26th August 2023
very understandable
Shubh - Humzah- Economics - Undergraduate
20th August 2023
Very good! My last class before the exam and it was perfect
Antonio - Laurence- Economics - Undergraduate
16th August 2023
Huge help!
Luqman - Rory- Economics - Undergraduate
2nd August 2023
Very good - fast pace. Doesn't waste time and is very nice and a great teacher.
Shubh - Humzah- Economics - Undergraduate
29th July 2023
I told Shub about what specific topics I had been struggling with and he came prepared and talked me through the topics at a rate which I understood
Luqman - Faris- Economics - Undergraduate
23rd July 2023
Very good teaching, Luqman is helping me understand many concepts that I have been struggling with definitely recommend
Mohammad Zeqi - Khalid- Economics - Undergraduate
22nd July 2023
Mohammad was patient and informative, he certainly helped me understand the concepts better.
David - Erika- Economics - Undergraduate
9th June 2023
Amazing class! Great at explaining economic concepts


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FAQs for Undergraduate Economics Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your undergraduate economics tutors have?

Our undergraduate economics tutors on Spires Online Tutors hold advanced degrees in economics or related fields. These tutors have rigorous academic training, which lends them the experience needed to offer top-notch economics tutoring across a variety of economics subjects.

How do I choose the right undergraduate economics tutor for me?

To select the perfect undergraduate economics tutor, it’s crucial to consider several factors such as qualifications, years of experience, and teaching style. We provide comprehensive profiles and reviews for all our tutors. You can even request a trial session to gauge how well a tutor’s approach resonates with your learning objectives.

Can your economics tutors help with specific topics or assignments?

Absolutely! Our tutors are adept in multiple areas within economics, including microeconomics and other specialised subjects. They can offer help with your undergraduate degree assignments, guide you through complex theories, or assist in preparing you for upcoming exams.

How do I schedule a tutoring session with an undergraduate economics tutor from anywhere in the world?

Scheduling a session with one of our undergraduate economics tutors is straightforward on our online platform. After creating an account, you can browse through our extensive list of tutors and select a tutor that fits your needs. Then, it’s just a matter of setting a date and time that suits you and you will be able to connect with your tutor from anywhere in the world.

Can I request a trial session with an undergraduate economics tutor before committing?

Yes, you can request a trial lesson to evaluate an economics tutor’s teaching methods, communication skills, and their overall fit with your learning goals. This way, you get more insight into what you can expect from regular tutoring sessions.

How often should I have tutoring sessions with an undergraduate economics tutor?

The frequency of your tutoring sessions with an undergraduate economics tutor largely depends on your individual needs as assessed by your tutor. While some students working with a tutor prefer regular weekly sessions with their economics tutor to keep pace with their university classes, others might request even more frequent lessons from their tutor, particularly when exams are approaching, as recommended by their tutor.

Can your economics tutors help with exam preparation?

Certainly! Our undergraduate economics tutors are skilled in exam preparation. A tutor at Spires can help you hone your skills, review key economics concepts, and even provide practice questions. This targeted approach by a tutor with years of tutoring experience can significantly improve your results.

Are the tutoring sessions with tutors one-on-one or group sessions?

Our undergraduate economics tutoring sessions provided by our qualified tutors are typically one-on-one. The benefit of this more personalised setup is that it allows the tutor to focus exclusively on your unique economics learning needs at whatever level you’re at. Students find this one-on-one approach with our tutors immensely helpful in mastering the subject of economics.

Can a student request help with specific textbooks or course materials which are used in economics schools?

Absolutely. Our undergraduate economics tutors have expertise in a diverse range of textbooks and course materials employed in various economics courses at multiple levels. Whether you’re studying BSc Economics at LSE or another university, our tutors can offer targeted help. Students can request assistance with particular economics subjects and topics to ensure a deeper understanding of economics at their current academic level.

How do I provide feedback on my tutoring sessions with tutors?

We highly value your feedback at every level of your economics educational journey. After each session with one of our undergraduate economics tutors, students have the opportunity to leave reviews. This helps us maintain a high level of quality in our economics tutoring services. Students’ feedback is critical in refining the skill set of our tutors and the overall standard of tutoring in the economics subject.

Can I change undergraduate economics tutors if I’m not satisfied?

Absolutely, students can request to change their dedicated economics tutor if they feel the match isn’t right for their economics learning needs. Our primary aim is to ensure that each student finds the ideal tutor to aid them on their economics academic journey at whatever level they’re at. We strive to help each student maximise their potential in the economics subject through the more personalised guidance of our economics tutors.

Are the tutoring sessions recorded for future reference?

No, our online economics tutoring sessions with economics tutors are not recorded, preserving the confidentiality between you and your dedicated economics tutor. Upholding privacy at this level is one of our primary concerns for our economics students in London and worldwide.

Can I request additional resources or more study materials from my undergraduate economics tutor?

Absolutely! Our tutors can provide you with even more study materials and resources designed to deepen your understanding of the economics subject at the undergraduate level. Your tutor can curate materials ranging from pertinent economics articles to research papers and more. Students often find this additional help invaluable for grasping economics concepts more fully.

How do I pay for undergraduate economics tutoring sessions?

Payments for our undergraduate economics tutoring services can be completed through our secure online payment system. We accept various forms of payment like credit/debit cards and PayPal for your convenience. This payment structure is in place to help economics students at all levels easily afford quality tutoring from economics tutors.

What if I have technical difficulties during a tutoring session?

Should you encounter any technical issues during your economics tutoring session with our tutors, our support team is readily available to help. Students can contact us via live chat or email, and we’ll quickly address the problem to ensure a seamless learning experience at every level of economics education.

We hope these answers provide a comprehensive overview of our undergraduate economics tutoring services. If you have any more questions regarding your tutoring or tutor, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy learning with our economics tutors!

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