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If I'm able to, I love to help people out, and always endeavor to make sure they fully understand the topic in the end.

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About me

While I'm not working on my degree, I like to be generally quite active and often get involved with sports (mainly football and cycling). As well as this, I'm a part of Cambridge's Formula Student UK business team, which when you get down into the details of it can be really interesting with lots of new ideas floating about. Aside from the extracurricular stuff, I like to spend a lot of time with friends (as basically all people do), but I would like to think that I can get on with anyone and generally have a good time.

Tutor Experience

Over Sixth Form, I spent a lot of time (at first only with a close couple of friends and then expanding to a larger range of people in my year group as exams approached) going through all kinds of mathematical concepts found in Maths and Further Maths A level. In general I feel I was quite successful as I always adapted to the person and listened carefully to assess their level of understanding and then attempted to explain the concept to them in a way I believe they would understand. I think that one of my good qualities is that I never compromised to just help them answer one specific question but instead always aimed to develop a full conceptual understanding of the topic for them so that they could answer any question thrown at them. I also derive great satisfaction from helping people and seeing them gain the understanding (seeing the penny drop in a metaphor) which helps me to really engage with them and make sure that they don't come out of the tutoring confused.

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