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University of Oxford & London School of Economics - History & International Relations - BA (Hons), MSc (Merit)


There is no greater satisfaction than helping a student grow not only in skill but in confidence.

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All-time Students: 11 Total Classes: 67 Signed Up: 12 Jun 2017

About me

I have tutored clients aged 11-30, both online and offline within the English education system as well as non-formal support ranging from volunteering on a pirate ship in Hackney to teaching English to refugees from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. I am an exceptionally hard and passionate worker, qualities I love to encourage and see in my students.

I currently work in child protection for refugees in Athens. During the Covid-19 pandemic our operations have shifted and our team has now designed an online education platform.

Regarding my academic background, my undergraduate dissertation explored literary portrayals of a historical ghost story! My Master's thesis explored the responsibility of states to protect their citizens, using the case study of the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar to analyse the limits of the R2P doctrine.

Tutor Experience

I am a qualified secondary school teacher and tutor students aged 11-30. I teach both skills and content, with skills including essay-writing, revision style, exam practice, personal statement writing and interview practice. Having completed by PGCE in 2018 alongside two years of teaching, I also feel confident supporting trainee teachers with their assignments.

I have tutored students from an array of backgrounds. I began tutoring my peers when taking my own GCSEs, aged 16. I first volunteered as a teacher in Thailand at the age of 19, I then I taught English at a rural school in Cambodia and in a refugee school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I volunteered for 2 years at Literacy Pirates Ltd alongside my Master's in International Relations at LSE. I have since tutored students for 13+ exams, GCSEs, A-Levels, undergraduate essays as well as postgraduate dissertation assistance and exam preparation.

Topic Expertise

History - BA Honours Degree from the University of Oxford. First-class mark in undergraduate dissertation exploring Early Modern science and magic. Qualified secondary-school History teacher. Achieved A* in History A-Level and History GCSE. Experience teaching British History 1066-1965, Medieval and Early Modern European History, causes and events of WWI and WWII, American Civil Rights, The Cold War (including Vietnam and Korea), Apartheid in South Africa, and more.

International Relations - Master's Degree from the London School of Economics. Specialised in conflict and peace-building, the responsibility to protection doctrine, human rights, international political theory, the international political economy of labour migration and foreign policy analysis.

Education - PGCE in Secondary Education (Merit) from the University of Buckingham. Focused on SEND and Inclusion, the philosophy of education and reflective learning.

English Literature - Experienced Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level Tutor.

Client Reviews

Astrid - Education

Jodie made edits to my essay that would improve the quality of my argument and make my essay clear.

Astrid - Education

Jodie really helped me this session by helping me with structure and argument which really simplified things for me and made it easier to write my essay. Super useful

Anastasia - International Relations

It went really well, we refined the outline for my paper and I was able to get many insights into multiple issues I am not yet familiar with. Jodie gave me clear advice and great constructive comments. She is really positive thought the whole process.

Anastasia - International Relations

Jodie understands exactly what I need help with, and has extensive knowledge on past and present issues in IR. After my first lesson I already managed with her help to refine my ideas and have more direction for my paper which is immensely important.

Sonia - History

I have had 2-3 lessons with Jodie so far and I am starting to have a better understanding of the topic we are covering. Jodie approaches the topics differently to how I am taught in school which is amazing because I find her method much more easier to grasp and understand. I have been also been able to delve into content outside of the textbook which has been interesting as well!

Ahmed - Education

Jodie is a great communicator, very organised, and her feedback was first class

Haya - Politics

Jodie was amazing in helping clear up some confusion I had about my essay!

Nandita - Essay

Great organization session.

Haya - Politics

I had a very informative class covering the Marxist and modernisation theory which I really used to struggle with. Now I have a good understanding in both

Nandita - Essay

Jodie completely changed the way I was going to approach the Personal Statement and helped me crystallize my ideas. I am confident with the outline we created my essay will stand out much more. A task I was dreading has now become something I'm genuinely excited to tackle. Thank you!


Jodie was extremely helpful in writing the essay. She has really good writing skills and a clear idea of how to write. At first, I couldn't really get a start and write the essay as I didn't even understand about the question. But then after having a lesson with Jodie, I understood what should I go for, and we developed the overall ideas and each argument in each paragraph. After I wrote the essay, we went through it together and made the idea and my research more powerful and interesting, through the wording and structure. Apart from that, Jodie also gives me lots of information on what I can include in my essays to make them more interesting, such as including arguments and quotes from famous scholars to support my claims and ideas. Apart from developing ideas in the essay, she also taught me how to be powerful and influential in my writing, such as what to include in the introduction to attract readers, then develop the 3 arguments in different paragraphs. I loved the lessons. International Relations Postgraduate Student.

Jodie completely changed the way I was going to approach the Personal Statement and helped me crystallize my ideas. I am confident with the outline we created my essay will stand out much more. A task I was dreading has now become something I'm genuinely excited to tackle. Thank you! Cambridge PDP Master's Applicant.

"It went very well - she was very well prepared and helped my son with exactly what he wanted to achieve.” - Cambridge University entrance. Candidate was subsequently accepted to study History and Economics.

'It was a great lesson! I have a better understanding at my studies. I would rate her a 5/5’ - Postgraduate International Security student, SOAS.

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