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Imperial College London - Finance - PhD

Professional econometrics tutor with 7+ years experience

About me

Outside of teaching and my own research interests, I have been spinning fire for around 15 years on and off, although I don't get as much time as I used to. I also enjoy drum and bass music, films with guns and/or superheroes in and eSports. I currently spend most of my time in London.

Tutor Experience

Fundamentally it is my depth of understanding that sets me apart from other tutors. I love statistics and econometrics, and have studied them for my own purposes for over a decade.
I also have a wealth of tuition experience, having been teaching privately full time for the last 5 years, and exclusively online for the last two. I pioneered the use of a graphics tablet in online classes, and worked with the founder of bitpaper on its design.
Finally I pride myself on the connections I form with my students, with many of them having become good friends over the years.

Topic Expertise

My teaching interests have broadened with time, from mathematical finance to a broad range of applied mathematical and statistical subjects. Among them are included:

Mathematical finance - Ito calculus, Black Scholes theory, option pricing.
Differential equations - theory and methods of solution, both analytical and numerical.
Maximum Likelihood Estimators (MLE) - theory and applications
Generalised Method of Moments (GMM) estimators, particularly of the dynamic panel variety - diff GMM, sys GMM and so on
Numerical optimisation - linear and nonlinear programming, hill climbing algorithms etc
Data Science and Machine Learning - classification algorithms, theory and implementation.

I also have extensive experience consulting on data-driven projects conducted in Stata, R, Matlab and Python, working to implement these ideas among many others.

Client Reviews

Nina - STATA

Extremely helpful!

Nina - STATA

Extremely knowledgeable and time efficient!

Hodler - Econometrics

Adressed all that needed adressing in a quick and straighforward manner. Very satisfied.

Vong - Econometrics


Vong - Econometrics


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