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Professional Undergraduate Dissertations Tutors

All of our high quality Undergraduate Dissertations Tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

  • professional online Dissertations tutor Yannis
    PhD International Relations, University College London
    Experienced tutor in International Relations, Political Science, and International Political Economy. I also teach courses on Qualitative Research Methods and Academic Writing.
    2979 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor anissa
    International Relations, London School of Economics
    Anissa is a Dr in International relations (LSE), and an experienced academic, teacher, researcher, editor with a background in journalism
    309 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Dr. Johan
    PhD in Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde
    Dr. Johan is a professional academic and business consultant based in Scotland. He is also the founder of Vox Solo a think tank based in Glasgow.
    1891 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Tania
    BSc. (Hons) Real Estate and Valuation, , UWE (University of the West of England)
    10+ years as a Senior Lecturer in Real Estate, I believe the key to student success is knowledge, a sense of humour and understanding the student as an individual. Sharing my love of skyscrapers is not essential!
    413 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Dr Jacqueline
    Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford Brookes University Business School
    Experienced business founder, senior academic and company director, educational author and consultant, Chartered HR professional and management researcher, with PhD in Knowledge Management and MSc in Management with Distinction.
    616 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Alexander
    Cognitive Neuroscience, Health and Clinical Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London
    I'm a current Ph.D. student investigating the neural underpinnings of depression and anxiety, and how certain interventions effect them. I love the field and want to help you hone your strengths and love the subject of psychology and the wider sciences!
    437 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Liezel
    Research Psychology, Stellenbosch University
    I am a quantitative researcher with more than 30 years experience, who specializes in statistics and research methodology. I hold a PhD and am a registered research psychologist. I was a lecturer for many years in research methodology and statistics for the social sciences, as well as psychometrics. I am also an SPSS trainer and tutor SPSS from introductory to advanced topics.
    1207 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Amy
    BA/MA English, Drama and Education , University of Cambridge
    Hello! I am a Cambridge-educated tutor with years of experience in assisting students with academic work, in a variety of subjects, especially Psychology, Sociology, Education, Media and Research Methods - from undergraduate to Doctorate level. I am flexible, dedicated and personal in my approach, have an excellent eye for detail and criticality and happy to provide structuring, editing, proofreading and feedback services.
    2584 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Alexandros
    Psychology, University College London; University of Edinburgh
    I am a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, and hold an MSc from UCL.
    As a rare breed Psychology statistics and research methods enthusiast, I make statistical concepts and analyses simple to understand, to help you ace your essays, exams, lab reports or dissertation.
    226 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Dr Steve
    Doctorate, University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy: Birkbeck College, University of London; MA in Design: UAL Central Saint Martins;
    I have 25 years of experience in tutoring and supporting learners to achieve their goals. I have a strong knowledge of excellent academic practice, developing your understanding of the arguments, and sharpening your subject comprehension, critical thinking, and essay writing skills for examination and assessment. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice to my clients.

    I tutor KS3, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level/IAL-Level, CAIE/CIE, EPQ, IB, IPQ, PRE-U, and SQA Learners, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral Students, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS Personal Statement Applicants, and US Common App/Ivy Applicants, College Essay Students, and Professional Clients.
    6697 hours taught
  • professional online Dissertations tutor Dr Georgia
    PhD in International Relations / History, King's College London
    PhD in International Relations / History
    MA in European History
    BA in History of Art / History / International Relations

    QTS approved

    Professional certificate: Business Management

  • professional online Dissertations tutor Dan
    Finance, Imperial College London
    Professional econometrics tutor with 7+ years experience
    232 hours taught

Recent Dissertations Undergraduate Tutor Class Reviews

Megan - Shakira- Dissertations - Undergraduate
29th May 2023
Megan is a great tutor, she is friendly and very nice, she gave me constructive criticism and was able to guide me in the correct direction of what I already included in my dissertation and even encouraged me to include more relevant information and helped me stay within my word count
Megan - Shakira- Dissertations - Undergraduate
9th May 2023
megan's advice and comments really helped me
Ruwayda - celeste- Dissertations - Undergraduate
7th April 2023
hugely appreciate your expertise thank you
Asima - Olivia- Dissertations - Undergraduate
4th April 2023
Incredibly helpful and took the time to ensure different parts of the dissertation were explained clearly. In particular, Asima ensured I asked all the question I had. By the end of the session I had a greater understanding of the topic in question and feel confident to progress with my work. I will be rebooking!
Basak - Elisabeth- Dissertations - Undergraduate
19th March 2023
Basak provided helpful and detailed proofreading and was available at a very short notice.
Ruwayda - celeste- Dissertations - Undergraduate
2nd January 2023
very helpful and informative in a short space of time thank you
Mohammad Zeqi - Hamail- Dissertations - Undergraduate
13th November 2022
Helpful and informative. Wish I knew about this earlier, would have made my journey easier.
Alexandra - Nansie- Dissertations - Undergraduate
15th August 2022
Alexandra helped me get an excellent grade on my dissertation it only a few lectures. Her work technique and professionalism are excellent. Without Alexandra's help and tutoring, I would not be able to get a good grade.
Natalia - Jessica- Dissertations - Undergraduate
1st August 2022
Very informative and helped me to gain a better understanding on my dissertation and how to structure it according to the marking scheme.
Dr. Johan - Zain- Dissertations - Undergraduate
18th May 2022
The best tutor could not have done this without him


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FAQs for Undergraduate Dissertation Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications and skills do your undergraduate dissertation tutors have?

Our undergraduate dissertation tutors are meticulously selected professionals holding advanced academic credentials, often including PhDs, in various subjects. These tutors come with years of teaching experience, specifically in providing dissertation tuition. Their skills not only cover in-depth subject knowledge but also entail an understanding of the UK university requirements for undergraduate dissertations.

How can your dissertation tutors help me with my research topic?

Dissertation tutors on our platform excel at offering you customised help with selecting a research topic that aligns with your interests and academic requirements. They have an extensive background in research across multiple subjects and are adept at guiding students through the process of narrowing down a topic. Tutors will assist you in locating relevant literature and can provide reviews of the resources you’ve found, helping you fine-tune your research question.

Can your dissertation tutors help me with data analysis?

Absolutely, our dissertation tutors are proficient in various forms of data analysis. Whether you’re dealing with qualitative or quantitative data, tutors are equipped to offer you meaningful guidance. They help students in the UK and beyond, ensuring that the data analysis leads to robust and accurate results that meet academic standards.

How do I schedule a session with an undergraduate dissertation tutor?

To book a lesson with an undergraduate dissertation tutor in the UK, all you have to do is create an account on our online platform. After that, you can view the profiles and reviews of various tutors to find one that aligns with your subject and needs. Lessons can then be scheduled according to your convenience and the tutor’s availability.

Can I choose a tutor who specializes in my subject area?

Certainly! We offer a diverse range of tutors who have experience in various subjects. You can easily filter tutors based on your specific subject, ensuring that your dissertation tutor has the level of subject expertise you require for your undergraduate dissertation.

How long are the tutoring sessions with the tutors at Spires?

Tutoring sessions are typically 60 minutes long, although the length can be adjusted based on your specific needs and the tutor’s availability. You can discuss your requirements with the dissertation tutor during your initial sessions to set the duration that works best for you.

What if I need help with multiple aspects of my undergraduate dissertation?

Our highly-skilled dissertation tutors are thoroughly qualified to provide help at every stage of your undergraduate dissertation. Whether you’re at a university seeking dissertation guidance on topic selection, conducting a literature review, figuring out the most effective research methods, diving into data analysis, or even refining your essay writing skills, our dissertation tutors are adept at tutoring you through the multifaceted dissertation process from start to finish. This approach to dissertation tutoring ensures that university students receive the full spectrum of support they need.

Can your dissertation tutors help with proofreading and editing?

Absolutely, in addition to providing research and dissertation writing support, our dissertation tutors are proficient in offering proofreading and editing services as well. They will meticulously review your academic work, focusing on areas such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, thereby ensuring that your undergraduate dissertation aligns with the highest standards of university-level academic writing. This proofreading and editing service is an integral part of the holistic dissertation tutoring we offer, aiming to elevate the quality of your dissertation.

How do I communicate with my undergraduate dissertation tutor in UK?

All interactions with your dissertation tutor occur on our state-of-the-art online platform, designed to facilitate seamless communication between students and dissertation tutors. Whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere, this platform enables you to exchange messages, share vital files for your dissertation, and easily find suitable lesson times that align with both your and your dissertation tutor’s schedules. This approach enhances the educational experience for students at the university level, particularly those focused on dissertation work.

Are the dissertation tutoring sessions one-on-one?

Absolutely, all dissertation tutoring sessions provided by our qualified dissertation tutors are conducted on a one-on-one basis. This individualised approach ensures a level of tailored guidance that is aligned with the academic and educational requirements upheld by universities in the UK. The personalised teaching style of our dissertation tutors offers students the opportunity to achieve optimum results in their subject-specific dissertation work.

Can I request a trial session with an undergraduate dissertation tutor?

Certainly, we offer students the opportunity for trial lessons with our highly-experienced undergraduate dissertation tutors. This gives you the chance to find out more about the dissertation tutor’s teaching methods, as well as their subject expertise across a range of university subjects, before you commit to regular dissertation tuition. This is particularly useful for those students who need help with specific dissertation elements like literature reviews or essay writing at the university level.

How much does tutoring for undergraduate or bachelor dissertations cost?

The cost of dissertation tuition varies depending on multiple factors including the dissertation tutor’s qualifications, years of teaching experience, and specialisation in university-level subjects. Each of our dissertation tutors has an hourly rate listed on their profile. We strive to offer competitive pricing for students, aiming to produce outstanding results without compromising the high level of education provided by our dissertation tutors.

Can I change tutors if I’m not satisfied?

We understand the critical role that the right dissertation tutor plays in your educational journey towards academic success at the university level. If you find that your current dissertation tutor doesn’t align with your subjects or your unique dissertation work requirements, you can request to change dissertation tutors. We will promptly assist you in finding another dissertation tutor who is a better fit for your education. The aim is to ensure optimal results, grounded in effective teaching methods that suit students in the UK and elsewhere.

Are the tutoring sessions recorded?

No, tutoring sessions are not recorded to maintain privacy between you and your selected tutor. This is an important standard we maintain across all subjects to adhere to both education and privacy norms in UK. Rest assured, our dissertation tutors are committed to high-level teaching practices that respect the confidential nature of students’ work, including literature reviews and essay writing tasks, as part of their university education in the UK.

How can I provide feedback on my tutoring experience?

We greatly value your feedback as it helps us refine our teaching services for students tackling a wide array of subjects at the university level. After each session with your dissertation tutor, you’ll have the opportunity to rate the results and offer reviews. These reviews help other students find the right dissertation tutors for their subjects and education level. If you have any concerns about the dissertation tutors, the teaching methodologies, or any other aspect of your UK university-level experience, you can reach out to our UK-based support team. Your insights are invaluable for improving our services and ensuring that all students receive top-tier dissertation guidance tailored to their education needs.

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