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About me

I am a huge sports fan! I captained the county tennis and football team whilst at school and was also a key member of the university football and tennis team. I have completed a number of half-marathons (not a full one yet)- and raised a significant amount of money for charity. I also enjoy weight-training, or anything which allows me to get away from studying/work!

3 interesting facts about me:

1) I have a phobia of needles - I faint every time (not very masculine I know)
2) I have a serious addiction to Pepsi Max
3) My favourite colour in navy (not very interesting but my mind's running low)

Tutor Experience

I recently graduated with a First Class Master's degree in Chemistry. As I only completed my A Levels very recently, I am still very much aware of the knowledge and skill base required to smash these exams. I also feel that I have the advantage of being able to communicate with students on a much better level, as doing chemistry with someone of similar age is a lot less mentally daunting than sitting down with a teacher to try and overcome problems.

I have over two years online tutoring experience and have received outstanding reviews from parents and students. I have inspired many many under-achieving students to earn excellent GCSE and A-Level results and also pass prestigious scholarship exams (Eton College King's Scholarship). I have built strong working relationships with students of various ages at different learning levels, whilst also offering an out of hour’s service for students who need problems sorting immediately, which helped grow my reputation as an excellent tutor. I am always willing to invest a significant amount of my own time to plan and prepare for every tutorial, coordinating multiple schedules in order to provide a quality service to students.

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