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Professional Online A Level Chemistry Tutors

All of our high quality online a level chemistry tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Chemistry tutor Andrew
Mphil, Leicester

My name is Andrew Wallace I have been a professional tutor for 15 years . I specialise in A level Chemistry and Biology. I frequently teach GCSE science in Physics Chemistry and Biology. I have taught many different exam boards which include AQA OCR and Edexcel and WJEC. I am pleased to say my students improve their grades and go on to their goals.

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3780 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Tanya
Natural Sciences, University of Middlesex in collaboration with CNELM and The Open University

Experienced science teacher offering outstanding chemistry and biology tuition at A level to cover all exam boards. I have experience both as a tutor and exam marker and can also offer science and maths at GCSE to include physics, chemistry and biology. I offer science and maths at KS3.

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2045 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Marguerite
Chemistry, University of Cambridge

1825 hours taught.
I am passionate about science and enjoy creating an environment that motivates and supports students in achieving their goals.

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773 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Eleanor
Veterinary medicine / Biological Sciences, The Royal Veterinary College / University of Oxford

Science and learning are my passions, and I love to pass this onto my students in inspiring and engaging ways.

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professional online Chemistry tutor Elena
Secondary and Science, University of Liverpool & Liverpool Hope University

Qualified Science Teacher available for online tutoring. Specialised in Science GCSE and Chemistry A level

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1261 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Rebecca
Chemistry, King's College, University of London

Experienced chemistry tutor and former examiner from the UK. My educational background includes a grammar school education and a 1st Class Honours degree in chemistry from a top Russell Group University.

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1292 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Alan
Chemistry, Manchester University

Specialist A level chemistry teacher and examiner with 35 years experience.

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297 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Sonia
PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Bath, UK

Experience (including laboratory experience) with Edexcel, OCR, AQA and IB specifications as a Chemistry and Maths teacher for AS and A-level and as well as Science and Maths teacher for GCSE/IGCSE. Chemistry, Science and Maths are my passions and I love to motivate, inspire my students and solve any misunderstanding of Science related subjects and Maths.

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professional online Chemistry tutor Robert
Chemistry with Management, Royal Holloway College, University of London

Experienced, qualified chemistry teacher with the skills to add value at all levels of ability.

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professional online Chemistry tutor Warwick
Chemistry, Cambridge University

Cambridge University MA, PhD

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332 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor Nea
Biomedical Sciences MSc, BSc, University of Bristol

Experience private tutor. Biology is my passion but I love all science and find it so rewarding to pass this onto my students in inspiring and engaging ways to help them achieve their full potential.

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150 hours taught
professional online Chemistry tutor William
Biological Sciences, Imperial College London, University of Oxford

I am a very enthusiastic and personable tutor with a passion for science, including experience working at a high level of biology in several countries.

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Recent Chemistry A Level Tutor Class Reviews

Alan - Massa- Chemistry - A Level
9th June 2024
sir was super helpful in recapping transition metal chemistry and on giving exam tips for the physical paper 1
Shams Tania - Elizabeth- Chemistry - A Level
31st May 2024
Emma - shandi- Chemistry - A Level
31st May 2024
Great session, added information which is really helpful for me!
Elena - Laura- Chemistry - A Level
15th May 2024
First class but seems great. Elena has a great knowledge in depth of chemistry and was able to always explain the reasoning behind topics
Nadeem - nura- Chemistry - A Level
5th May 2024
explains concept really well and is a great teacher
Shams Tania - Elizabeth- Chemistry - A Level
28th April 2024
amazing! went through all struggling aspects on the topics i wanted to cover
Nadeem - LuĂ­sa- Chemistry - A Level
24th April 2024
Really really helpful and helped me figure out a whole topic I had been having trouble with!
Alan - Massa- Chemistry - A Level
23rd April 2024
it went very well, it was mainly revision and identifying weaknesses and gaps in knowledge for physical topics
Nadeem - LuĂ­sa- Chemistry - A Level
21st April 2024
same as the previous reviews :)
Nadeem - LuĂ­sa- Chemistry - A Level
17th April 2024
Very thorough logical explanations are given, which clear doubts effectively and permanently!


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FAQs for A-Level Chemistry Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your top A Level Chemistry tutors have?

All our A-Level Chemistry tutors are highly qualified, possessing advanced degrees in Chemistry or closely related fields. They are not merely chemistry tutors; they’re specialists in the subject, specifically geared towards A-Level Chemistry, graduated from imperial college london and oxford university etc. This ensures they have the needed expertise to offer high-level chemistry tutoring from primary through to university level. Our experienced A-Level chemistry tutors are here to guide you through every stage of your learning journey. Discover the best online chemistry tutor today with our expert online chemistry tutors, who offer comprehensive tutoring from A Level chemistry to chemistry GCSE, and even up to university level. Varsity tutors help you find an online A-Level chemistry teacher, including private chemistry tutors specialising in both biology and chemistry, ensuring a deep understanding of the subject. Our tutors, including heads of chemistry with several years teaching and tutoring A Level chemistry experience, charge competitive rates for their services, catering to students seeking to excel in chemistry, physics, and beyond.

How do I find the perfect tutor for my A-Level Chemistry needs?

Selecting the ideal private tutor for your needs is crucial for your academic success. We provide personalised tutor match service, you can also go through extensive profiles of our tutors online yourself; their profiles detailing their qualifications in chemistry, teaching experience, and specific areas of expertise. You can go through these profiles to view their experience and reviews, aiding you in making an informed choice. Our platform connects you with qualified chemistry teachers from across England, offering premium education right at your fingertips. This online format allows you to balance your studies with other commitments, be it summer jobs or other subjects like Maths and Biology. With our online chemistry classes, you have the freedom to start learning from anywhere, at any time.

Can I schedule A-Level Chemistry tutoring sessions at my convenience?

Absolutely, our expert chemistry tutors offer immense flexibility, allowing you to schedule tutoring sessions that suit your availability. Whether it’s a morning or an evening session you require, you’ll easily find your perfect tutor who is keen to meet your timetable. Transitioning from GCSE to A-Level can be challenging. Our GCSE and A-Level tutors specialise in bridging this gap, ensuring a smooth progression. They offer insights into the intricacies of both GCSE Science and A-Level Chemistry, making them ideal for students advancing their studies. Our amazing tutors not only teach but inspire, opening doors to various science-related careers and university admissions.

How does your online Chemistry tuition work?

Our online A-Level Chemistry tutoring happens through an easy-to-navigate virtual classroom. Here, students and tutors can interact via video and chat features. This online mode of tuition facilitates file sharing and includes a collaborative whiteboard to enrich your learning experience. Our A-Level Chemistry tutors believe in education that extends beyond the classroom. They encourage students to view chemistry not just as a subject but as a fascinating window into the workings of the world. This approach helps students in understanding of chemistry and its real-life applications, enhancing their interest and performance in the subject. With the right guidance and support from our professional tutors, you can aim for success in your exams and lay a strong foundation for your future academic and career aspirations. Discover the joy of personalised learning Chemistry with Spires and take the first step towards achieving your academic goals.

What teaching methods does your private a-level chemistry tutor use?

Our tutors employ a wide array of teaching methods to address different learning needs. They might use interactive presentations, discussions, or practical examples to ensure you comprehend complex topics. Personalised online lessons and study materials are also available to enrich your tuition further. Every child’s learning style is unique, and our A-Level Chemistry tutors respect this individuality. With years of experience teaching chemistry, they craft personalised lesson plans that cater to the specific needs of each student. Whether you need help with key stage concepts or advanced A-Level topics, our tutors are equipped to provide comprehensive support.

Are chemistry tutors available to help with specific topics?

Certainly, our tutors have a broad understanding of all major A-Level Chemistry topics. Whether you’re struggling with organic, physical, or another branch of chemistry, our tutors are equipped to offer online targeted help. Our qualified chemistry teachers bring years of experience and a passion for the subject, making learning both effective and inspiring. With a focus on real-world applications, we would be happy to help students understand the significance of Chemistry in various career paths.

How do I track my progress in A-Level Chemistry tutoring?

Our tutors believe in providing measurable and transparent progress updates. Regular feedback and assessments are part of the tuition experience at Spires. A customised study plan can also be created to meet your specific needs and goals. Understanding the nuances of the subject, they provide targeted guidance helping students reach their highest potential. From mastering the basics to tackling the complexities of organic chemistry and chemical analysis, our tutors are equipped to elevate your child’s understanding and academic performance.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an A-Level Chemistry tutoring session?

No worries, if you find yourself needing to reschedule or cancel a tutoring session with your online chemistry a-level tutor, simply contact your tutor in advance. Your tutor will work closely with you to find another suitable time for your chemistry tutoring session.

How do you ensure the quality of your A-Level Chemistry tuition?

Quality assurance in selecting our chemistry tutors, especially A-Level Chemistry tutors, is of utmost importance to us. Every tutor undergoes a rigorous selection process, which includes a comprehensive vetting of their chemistry degree and tutoring experience. Our tutors have been reference checked to make sure we have experienced tutors with over 10. In addition, we pay attention to student reviews to continuously enhance the quality of our chemistry tutors and chemistry teachers. With this thorough vetting process, students can have confidence in the expertise, subject knowledge and quality of our tutors. Our top-rated a-level chemistry tutors provide in-depth understanding of the subject, make personalised learning plans for revision. Our tutors enable you to find school level gcse and a level chemistry easy to understand and excel in, by providing personalized lessons tailored to your specific needs and learning style.

Can I request additional resources or practice materials for my A-Levels?

Certainly, our tutors are more than pleased to supplement your A-Level Chemistry studies with additional materials. Our tutors can guide you towards reliable online chemistry resources and suggest topic-specific books tailored for A-Level Chemistry. If you have particular chemistry topics you’re struggling with, feel free to ask your tutor for targeted practice materials. Our tutors understand that individualised resources can greatly boost your confidence for the approaching exams and hep with understanding exam technique.

Can I switch to a different A-Level Chemistry tutor if I’m not satisfied?

Student satisfaction is paramount to us. If you’re not fully satisfied with your current A-Level Chemistry tutor, you can request a change. Our support team will assist in pairing you with chemistry tutors for your requirements. We know that chemistry is a complex subject, and finding the right tutor is crucial for your success, especially when approaching exams. Therefore, if a tutor isn’t meeting your expectations, we ensure you’ll find another chemistry teacher can really match your learning style.

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