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University of Oxford - History and Modern Languages - BA

The greatest Russian language/lit tutor west of Kaliningrad.

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About Me

Since finishing my master's degree at Saint Petersburg State University last summer I have been doing translating and editing work in addition to tutoring. As a History and Russian grad with a strong interest in the former Soviet Union I follow goings-on there as closely as I can. I have been known to write culture criticism, mainly concerning television shows and why it can be worth looking at so many of them as literature/art. Also an avid football fan, still waiting for Arsenal to win the league again.

Tutor Experience

I've been teaching and tutoring for five years now, with experience in universities, language schools and one-on-one tutoring agencies. My interest in languages means I know what it's like to learn one and can explain things in a way that makes sense. I've studied Russian at undergraduate and postgraduate level and have lived in Russia for three of the last four years, so I have a lot of knowledge of and enthusiasm for the language, the literature and the country which makes learning for my students not just useful but fun.

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