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The University of Edinburgh - Philosophy - PhD


I am an experienced tutor who has helped both school and university students maximise their potential, and am committed to seeing that my students get the best out of their education.

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About me

In my spare time I do (a lot!) of reading, especially science items in the newspapers and journals to give me an understanding of the most up-to-date knowledge of advancements in science. Very often, I incorporate this into my lessons to make my teaching material relatable and up-to-date. I also enjoy many recreational activities, such as walking and cycling, socialising with my friends and cooking.

Tutor Experience

I take pride in making complex material in Biology and Philosophy clear, accessible, and engaging. I also structure my tutorials in a way that allows for a clear focus on the material that needs to be learned, and additional time for freestyle Q&A sessions that suit all students at different levels of capability and who prefer different learning styles. I also take the time to provide written feedback from my students so that I can keep track of their progress and help. All of my students have commented that this has been a very effective teaching method that has helped them make the most of their learning time.

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