PhD Economics

I teach economics/finance, econometrics/statistics and mathematics as a real life discipline..

5.0 (480)

554 hours of classes

About me

I work as a consultant for companies and provide economic and financial consultancy. I monitor markets.

Client Reviews

tara - Finance

extremely​ helpful and knowledgeable

Harry - Finance

Very Good, the only negative is that I'm not bothered about learning the material I just want to pass the exam, and thats the mindset going forward. Next meeting should be later this week which we will discuss via email.

Mohammad - Finance

Orcan was a great and extremely competent teacher

Roka - Econometrics

Always supportive

Djan - Economics

My last lesson with Orcan before my exams. He has helped me with many subjects including Banking, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. A great patient tutor and also a very nice guy!

Joseph - Econometrics

Very helpful and friendly!

Roka - Econometrics

Always helpful

Roka - Econometrics

Love his classes. He is very supportive and patient and provide examples.

Roka - Econometrics

enjoy his classes

Roka - Econometrics

Love his classes


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