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Swansea University - PhD - Economics


Lecturer [Assistant Professor] in Economics, Swansea Universtiy
Research Associate, Economic Research Forum
Founder and Managing Director, The Economic Society

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About me

I am fascinated by teaching, especially when it comes to analysing economic agents choices and incentives. This passion of teaching has been kindled by curiosity to discover how economic theory can enhance my understanding of the surrounding world. I believe that successful lecturers should be well equipped with enthusiastic and lucid teaching styles that make economics fun and easy to understand. Hence, teaching economics is a job to which I had and continue to have a strong inclination and commitment to for more than twelve years.

Tutor Experience

I have more than 12 years of teaching experience which covers a wide range of subjects including macroeconomics, statistics, mathematics and econometrics. I currently work as a lecturer [assistant professor] in Economics at Swansea University (full-time) and Cardiff University (part-time). I am also a Research Associate at the Economic Research Forum (ERF). I won the `Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award' from Swansea University for 2019. I hold a PhD, M.Sc and Bachelor degrees in Economics.

Topic Expertise

At Swansea University, I teach Econometrics and International Economic Policy. I obtained a PhD in Economics from Swansea University and M.Sc. in International Economics from City, University of London.

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