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I focus on exam technique to help you achieve the best grades possible in Mathematics and Chemistry.

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About me

I came up with the idea of starting a school food magazine called 'The Foodie'. Starting the magazine with no printing funds was extremely challenging. With no previous experience with magazines and printing, I had to think carefully about how advertising works. To overcome this challenge, I did some research, worked out reasonable prices for adverts and then created a sample on my laptop of what an advert in the magazine would look like. After showing several restaurants near my school a sample advert costing £50, I managed to raise £300 for printing. The final product created a huge impact across the school and the circulation was excellent as we managed to sell all of the 250 copies in four days.

I participated in a Community Project in Malawi to help expand ‘Joshua Secondary School’. This two week project gave me the opportunity to work as a team with a range of different people to help build an Assembly Hall that will benefit hundreds of less fortunate children in the area. Overcoming the problems that I was faced with was challenging but very rewarding throughout the project. Before the trip, I organised a sponsored bike ride that raised £1220 for the charity that we worked with - ‘Joshua Orphan and Community Care’.

I won the STEM Challenge at Leeds University. My love of baking and fascination with the chemistry behind it helped me to design a healthy food product ...

Tutor Experience

Having recently completed my GCSEs and A levels, the material and experience is fresh in my mind. I am very aware of the importance of exam technique and focus on past paper questions and mark schemes when tutoring. I believe that understanding concepts is key to achieving the top grades.

Employer: Thales Tutors
Dates: July 2016
Job: Mathematics tutor
• I tutored an 8 year old in Mathematics, working on her mental maths skills.

Employer: Thales Tutors
Dates: May and June 2016
Job: IB Chemistry tutor
• I tutored an IB student in Chemistry. We focused on the longer, more difficult calculations questions.

Employer: Mayfair Consultants
Dates: 7th to 10th May
Job: IB Mathematics tutor
• I flew to Geneva to tutor an IB student in Mathematics for 10 hours every day for the four days leading up to her exam. We focused on exam technique and worked through past papers.

Employer: Daniele Fletcher
Dates: 2014 to 2015
Job: AS Chemistry tutor
• I tutored an AS student in Chemistry. I helped her to prepare for her controlled assessments and advised her on exam technique.

Employer: Susie Walden
Dates: 2013 to 2015
Job: GCSE Mathematics and Chemistry tutor
• I tutored a GCSE student in Mathematics and Chemistry. I helped her to develop a flash card system and to understand the difficult aspects of each course.

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