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I endeavour to provide dynamic and engaging tutorials which ensure pupils have all the tools they need to ace any university interview!

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About me

When I am not tutoring, I am studying towards a PhD in Biological Anthropology. My research focuses on the evolution of human hands in extreme environments. In extremely cold conditions, human hands often lose blood flow to reduce heat loss from the body, but this can dramatically compromise our dexterity, which is essential for survival, and may even put us at risk of frostbite. Some individuals are better at maintaining their dexterity in cold conditions, but this variation in the human population has not been properly documented and is poorly understood. My research will sample a wide range of the human population, and use a range of technologies, such as 3D scanning, plethysmography, thermal imaging and immersion testing, to determine which individuals are more susceptible to hand function loss and frostbite in cold conditions. This research will include an expedition to Everest Base Camp in collaboration with the Xtreme Everest team. During the trek we will collect measurements from Sherpa guides and non-Nepali trekkers, to determine what variables correlate with dexterity loss and susceptibility to frostbite. This research will have positive implications for a wide range of fields, from medicine to extreme snow sports, allowing us to tailor frostbite prevention and treatments, and to design bespoke safety equipment such as gloves.
In training for my Everest expedition, ...

Tutor Experience

Experience as a private tutor, group teacher, and class lecturer qualifies me to deliver a wide range of stimulating classes. For the past three years, I have provided practice interviews for Oxbridge applicants at both the Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Cheltenham College, encouraging pupils to step out of their academic comfort zone and use novel approaches to scientific problem solving. The feedback from my interviewees has always been very positive, with individuals describing themselves as more academically confident, and with an 85% success rate of obtaining a post-interview offer from their first choice university.
As a specialist teacher for the Oxbridge Academic programs, I taught an intensive month course for a small class of 14-15 year olds intending to apply to Cambridge and other competitive higher education institutions. By introducing novel subject material using a range of teaching methods, including individual presentations, class debates, and practical activities, pupils were exposed to novel methods of learning, similar to those at university.
My experience as a teaching assistant at Putney High School, allowed me to appreciate the level of teaching which pupils experience on a daily basis, and how private tutoring can further individual study.

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