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Florence - PhD - Economics


Supervisory Analyst (New York Stock Exchange Series 16 exam)
PhD degree in Economics, University of Florence
Post-Graduate School in Banking, Siena
BSc in Economics, University of Siena, 110 out of 110 cum laude
High School Diploma in Accounting, High School, Siena, 60 out of 60

Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 266 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 32 Total Classes: 186 Signed Up: 30 May 2019

About me

I am passionate about the subjects I teach and I continue to read academic research and follow the current debates in the financial press. I qualified as an Italian accountant and have a first degree (110/110 cum laude) and PhD in economics; I am also a Supervisory Analyst (Series 16), a professional qualification of the New York Stock Exchange.
I am Italian, and speak English and French fluently. I live in central London (Islington, N1), so lessons at my home are also a possibility for those students who prefer them.

Tutor Experience

I specialise in economics, finance and accounting. I have been a full time tutor for over 7 years building on my long professional teaching and training experience. I have therefore thousands of hours of teaching experience, so I can quickly adapt to what each student requires. In addition, my 10 years working in the City (Morgan Stanley, equity research) gave me a lot of practical experience with finance in general and valuation in particular.
I have built a large library of teaching aids (including spreadsheets, summaries, key graphs and sample essays) that I use during my lessons and share with my students. I also have lots of practice exercises, from short MCQ to long exams, and can prepare bespoke graded practice material just for you.

Topic Expertise

Universities I have tutored for include
Birmingham Business School
Booth School of Business
Brighton Business School
Chartered Insurance Institute
City of London
EMBA – Judge Business School – University of Cambridge
Hult International Business School
Imperial College – Business School
INTO City, University of London
King’s College, London
Kingston University
London School of Economics
Loughborough University
Open University
Quadriga Hochschule Berlin
Queen Mary
Regent’s University
Richmond University
Royal Holloway
St Andrew’s
Sussex University
Westminster Business School

University courses I have tutored for include
Accounting for managers
Accounting & Corporate Reporting Analysis
Advanced Corporate Finance
Advanced Corporate Valuation
Advanced Financial Accounting
Advanced Financial Economics
Advanced Financial Reporting
Advanced Health Economics
Advanced Macroeconomics
Advanced Microeconomics
Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics
Bank Financial Management
Banking and Capital Markets
Behavioural Political Economics
Business Cycles Theories
Company Valuation
Competition and the Firm
Competitive Strategy
Corporate Banking
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting
Corporate Finance and Valuation
Doing Economics: People, Markets and Policy
Economics and Business
Economics for Business
Economics of Finance
Economics of Globalisation
Economics of the Cities and Their Regions
Economics of the Unions
Elements of Accounting and Finance Module 1: Financial Accounting
Elements of Accounting, Financial Institutions and Financial Management
Elements of Financial Accounting
Emerging Markets
Experimental Economics
Finance in the Global Market
Financial Accounting and Analysis
Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation
Financial Analysis for Managers
Financial Economic Analysis
Financial Economics
Financial Management
Financial Markets and Institutions
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Financial Statements
Financial Statements Analysis
Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Regulation and Sustainable Debt
First Principles of Financial Economics
Fixed Income and Credit Risk
Foundamentals of Accounting and Finance
Foundations of Management
Global Macroeconomics
Health Economics
Infrastructure and Project Finance
Intermediate Micro
International Economics
International Finance
International Financial Markets
International Markets
International Trade
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Economics and Contemporary Issues
Introduction to Finance
Introduction to Real Estate Investment
Investment and Financing
Labour Economics
Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets
Management Accounting
Management Accounting and Financial Accounting: Decisions, Control, Reporting and Disclosure
Management Accounting, Decisions and Control
Managerial Economics
Mergers and Acquisitions
Microeconomics for Managers
Microeconomics Principles and Policies
Monetary Theory and Policy
Performance and Financial Management
Principles of Finance
Real Estate Finance
Research Methodology
Securities Analysis
Strategic Management
The Global Economy of the 21st Century
The International Monetary Fund and Economic Policy
Topics in Applied Macroeconomics
Venture Capital and Private Equity

I list below only a few typical examples to give you a flavour of my work.
My A-level students often require additional material to spur their curiosity and help them reach the very top marks required to continue with economics at university. This was very much the case with H. H., a very bright boy with a mathematical mind but a fascination with investing - he found the Edexcel A-level economics course dull and struggled with the very idea of a balanced argument as in economics there is often not a right or wrong answer but "it depends". I fed him articles and books, most of which he enjoyed, while working on the structure of his longer answers, focusing on clear structure and the addition of relevant real-life example to show off his knowledge. S.K. instead came to me with the sole goal of getting an B in economics as this was required to go on to study history at his chosen university - by the end of the year, his passion for economics had grown so much that he is now reading it at Manchester, after having achieved an A in his AQA exam. A.K. came to me at the end of her first OCR year surprised at her low predicted results - a bright and diligent student, she had approached the subject like her others, trying to memorise concepts so she stayed on the surface and never gained the deep understanding that is necessary to answer the challenging long questions. After a whole summer of regular tuition, she hit the ground running on her second year achieving great results and going on to study economics at university.
My work with university students vary widely. Often my students are perfectly capable, but they have unfortunately been taught poorly, so leveraging my extensive collection of teaching material is essential for them. I am now for example working with H.M. who has failed his finance exam as the study material he had was totally inappropriate for his zero background, but has been able to make good progress on the introductory material I have provided him with. Others need a firm hand and clear detailed instructions to focus on an imminent exam, such as M.P. who had 6 days to prepare for a third-year university exam that he had somehow not got round to but with 2 hours of tutoring each morning, a detailed homework plan and a quick catch up every evening managed to pass. Many students need specific work on answering longer/essay-type questions, so I prepare "model" answers for them to train them on how to argue and display their knowledge - this may vary from just a few questions to a whole course or even all the exams in a Master! Others simply need regular support to make sure they never fall behind the class and get enough practice not to panic in the exam.
Much of my work is supporting university students with their dissertation, always within what is ethical. Unfortunately, most university students receive very little support from their university (a maximum 90 minutes of their supervisor's time is pretty standard) and can be quite lost when faced with writing an intelligent literature review, the task of doing actual research, and summing up their conclusions. My students know they can rely on me as a sounding board and a widely-read academic professional who has the time and patience to guide them and support them all the steps of the way, nudging them and keeping them on track to deliver a quality dissertation on time. When actual text editing is required, this is always an opportunity for the student to learn and it is pleasing to see how their writing improves as we work together. While not ideal, I have rescued many a dissertation at the last minute, sharing the last-minute panics with a sympathetic smile.
Many MBA students simply have not got the necessary economics, accounting and finance background to keep up with their courses - within weeks, they are struggling badly and doubting their intelligence. I reassure them that they are not alone and am able to provide the necessary stepping stones they need to catch up with the class and often excel. This is very much what happened with J.L., who was convinced finance was not for her simply because she did not have the right foundations and once these were patiently laid she took off and got a first in her exam. L.P. was struggling with corporate finance despite having studied it before; I prepared bespoke spreadsheet for him to get him comfortable with all possible permutations of the exercises and develop and intuitive understanding of the subject and he went on to pass the exam without problems.
Moreover, students, especially younger ones, often need support beyond their academic knowledge and my life experience as a teacher and a mother helps me spot this and provide psychological support to boost their confidence and calm their nerves, involving parents when necessary. I have worked with A.B. now for two years and we are finally getting to the bottom of the insecurities that have plagued her academic studies since she was a teenager (her mother tells me) and she has managed not to panic in any of her last set of exams.
Professionals often contact me when they find themselves out of their depth, due to a promotion or career move. Here I combine my academic knowledge with my extensive experience of the business world so we work together with the specific problems they are facing while trying to build up their understanding of the accounting information they are presented, for example, or their ability to check the modelling done by their juniors.
Finally, several individuals asks me to devise bespoke material so that they can understand the general principles of investing and either take over from their advisors or at least understand what their advisors tell them at their regular meetings. Women in particular find this knowledge incredibly empowering and sometimes become good friends, consulting me from time to time even when our formal lessons have come to an end.

Client Reviews

Diana - Finance

Giovanna really helped guide me on my dissertation topic and how to begin my research. This class exceeded my expectations and was one of the best experiences I've had in a tutoring session.


I was 3 weeks from the MBA Corporate Finance exam, off the pace and super anxious. Within 30 min Giovanna had me relaxed and over the next two weeks she built my confidence and capabilities to a place I couldn't have imagined. Giovanna really knows the subject, the ways the exam papers are written and how to prepare a strategy to deal with it. She will use analogies to help you understand and source material from multiple places to consolidate theory. Aside from all that, she is the type of person you would want to know, because she is warm, interesting and stands for something. I'd recommend her in an instant to anyone. Danny - MBA Economics has been my weakest subject, however after lessons with Giovanna the concepts and details of the subject started to make so much sense. Each lesson is incredibly productive and within an hour I leave the lesson confident about the topic we have covered. What I find particularly useful for my A-level studies is the fact that whilst in lessons we tackle mostly theoretical part, for homework Giovanna gives me very useful reading to strengthen my understanding of key issues. Giovanna is a professional and is incredibly nice to work with. Dinara – A-level economics Gio, I must say, I left your home with a big smile on my face! I cannot tell you how much better I feel after just one session. I am thrilled that I was matched with you because I can see how wonderful of a teacher you are. Your ability to explain things in a very clear and understanding way is such a relief to someone like myself who has previously found finance rather difficult and confusing. Jaclyn L – MBA I just got my results back for my module. I scored a first. I could not have done it without your help, thank you so much. I felt confident walking into that exam due to our preparations and it all paid off. Matthew B – economics undergraduate, year 3 I just wanted to tell you that I scored XX in my dissertation!!! I was just aiming to pass but I am blown away with the mark! Thank you so much for all your help I would never of been able to achieve a score like that without all your time, help and support. You are truly an amazing tutor. Zoe W – dissertation for economics degree Gio has been fantastic and really supported me during my final year at university. She has helped me to go from just passing my degree level accounting exams to getting 2:1s!! She has restored my confidence and made me realise what I'm capable of. She is always contactable via email and her online session are well planned and taught. Thank you Gio for all your help!! Mica N – accounting undergraduate, year 3 I got my results today and I passed! Your tutoring expertise and guidance on exam technique was central to my achievement and I wanted to thank you sincerely for your time. Emma M - MBA I just got my results ... I am extremely happy and am so grateful for all your help and support in economics. I definitely could not have achieved that result without you! Thanks again, you really helped me understand and even enjoy the subject. Hannah G – management undergraduate, year 2 Hi Giovanna, I am just emailing to say thank you so much for all the help and guidance you gave me in preparation for Economics A-level, without which I don't think I would have reached my grades. I am very happy to say I managed to get a high A grade in Economics and am going to continue studying Economics at Bristol in September and again, wanted to thank you for helping me get there. Amy K – A-level economics Just letting you know that my economics exams went really well and I cannot thank you enough for helping me this year! Sam K – A-level economics Just to let you know I got a 90 in my dissertation! As you can expect, I am very happy! Thank you very much for your help again. Ben L – economics undergraduate, year 3 good news I ve passes micro and macro!! so I wanna say thank u for helping me with the revision. Georgy O – economics undergraduate, year 2

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Supervisory Analyst (New York Stock Exchange Series 16 exam)
PhD degree in Economics, University of Florence
Post-Graduate School in Banking, Siena
BSc in Economics, University of Siena, 110 out of 110 cum laude
High School Diploma in Accounting, High School, Siena, 60 out of 60


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