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Economics is often considered to be boring - I refuse to believe this. Economics, when taught with passion and the real-world connection, is full of fun.

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About Me

Very passionate about Economics and teaching it to others. Connecting economics with the real world at every session is my mantra. In terms of research, I work mainly in the area of applied microeconomics - productivity & efficiency analysis using SFA & DEA. I also have a strong interest in Bayesian Econometrics which I model using Stan. I also use R-studio & STATA to conduct econometric analysis. So willing to help with your research project if it is in my area.

Tutor Experience

Thanks for your interest in my profile. I have extensive experience in teaching economics both at the school and university undergraduate level. I have tutored small groups of students, especially those struggling with math equations used in economics. This is not uncommon for students who are taking economics for the first time. I believe math can be made easier while learning economics when explained in the context of real-world examples.
In terms of private tutoring, I have tutored IB students for a company called Tutoring for excellence for clients in Australia & New Zealand.
My teaching approach is interactive in the sense that I make extensive use of examples to relate economic concepts to the real world. For example - to explain the concept of shortage in the market - I have used the example of masks & hand-sanitizer shortage at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.
I look forward working with you!

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Economics - Micro and Macro.
Foundational Math for Economics and Business Students
Basic Bayesian Modeling in Stan

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Doctor of Philosophy in Health Economics (2016 - 2021)
Auckland University of Technology – Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of Business Studies, Second Class Honours (Division I) in Economics June 2016
Massey University – Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of Applied Economics November 2014
Massey University – Auckland, New Zealand


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