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I have taught in one of England's most successful grammar schools as well as previously supporting students with additional needs, giving me experience of both high achievement and support.

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I am a qualified and experienced history teacher as well as A Level examiner/marker. I have taught students to the highest level, achieving grade 9s at GCSE and A*s at A Level, including those who have found elements of the subject challenging. I have experience for several exam boards and multiple topics and have also taught the coursework element of the A Level, with my marking being described as 'exemplary' by the moderators. History is a subject that everyone is able to succeed in and I believe in making the tasks seem as simple as possible, breaking down exam techniques into easy strategies and focusing on useful, relevant content. I have a Master's degree in history and am currently studying for a PhD, focusing on 17th Century England.

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Client Reviews

Olivia - History

Very informative and great essay advice

Keza - History

An amazing tutor.

amaury - History

Excellent help in helping me structure my coursework

Steven - History

My final tutorial with Tom and we went over my end of module assessment for the Open University. Tom gave me fantastic feedback and help with the flow of my argument, as well as advise for the conclusion. Since using this service Tom has been insightful and just fantastic with his feedback and criticism. I am certain I would not have achieved my current grades without his support (and I suspect the same will be for this assignment).

Steven - History

Some great feedback and conversation on how the structure my essay in order to better address the question. Extremely helpful!

Steven - History

Tom looked over my essay and gave me honest and in-depth feedback on where to go next. I have no doubt with his advice my score for this essay will be as high as the previous ones he has helped me with.

Steven - History

Fantastic advise on approaching an essay topic i'm struggling with and advice on my essay plan

Steven - History

Discussion of how the role gender played in empire. Tom gave me incredible insight to how the structure my essay and best use the sources, as well as offering extra secondary source material to read.

Steven - History

Great feedback for this essay plan and advise on where to go next. Tom has a wealth of knowledge of the subject and period

Steven - History

Refined my source analysis essay. Again Tom gave me great advice on how to really pull them apart and structure the essay.

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