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B.A. Barnard College, M.A. in English Literature, University of Rochester - English, Film Studies - 19 years' experience

I am available as a tutor to secondary and University English and Film students. I have been a teacher for 19 years, and have helped students prepare for standardized tests, exams, IB and AP assessments, as well as University and College writing and film work. I also have a great deal of experience helping students to write college or university essays. In addition to teaching at the University Level in the United States, I currently teach more than 40 students internationally online. I therefore have a great deal of experience meeting the needs of students all over the world.

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About Me

I have worked as high school teacher, a college professor, a professional writer, a film editor, an advertising copywriter, an actress, and even as a stand up comedian. I hold a B.A. in English from Barnard College, the "sister" school to Columbia University, and have a Masters in English Literature with a Minor in Film from the University of Rochester. In addition to my teacher certification, I have achieved National Board Certification, awarded to a select group of teachers in the United States who have completed a rigorous program of work attesting to their professional excellence as an educator.

I enjoy working with students to help them reach their full potential as I remember the teachers who went out of their way to do that for me. I believe that it takes creativity, intelligence, and a sense of humor to be a good teacher, and that my experience as a professional writer allows me to approach the learning of writing confidently and creatively as a craft. I believe that the best student-teacher relationship is a partnership, one in which my students and I work together to find the best ways for them to learn and to succeed.

Tutor Experience

In my 19 years as a teacher, I have taught writing and English literature to students in IB, AP, College, and University. I have also worked for many years as a professional writer for many businesses and institutions, and believe that I therefore more able to offer tools, techniques, and strategies that writers actually use to communicate meaningfully and effectively.

As an English teacher, I believe that many people are under the mistaken belief that you're either born a writer or you're not. That is a myth. Instead, what I try to reinforce is that writing IS work for EVERYONE, and that the trick is to recognize it as a process. Personally, while I have won awards in my professional career as a writer, I have NEVER once written something that was great the first time I wrote it. And while there is no magic formula to great writing, there are some very real skills and strategies that I have learned as a writer which I believe make me uniquely qualified to teach students to be successful in whatever assessment or assignment they may be working on.

I have also taught IB film since it was in its pilot program, and guided hundreds of students through the assessments, either in my own face-to-face classrooms or as an online teacher for Pamoja Education. l work as a team leader and examiner for IB so I am one of the people who grades the actual assessments once they are submitted.

In addition, I currently teach a number of college film courses in feminist and queer film theory, which, in addition to film history and analysis, is an area I am particularly interested in.

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English, Film, Writing

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M.A. English Literature, University of Rochester. B.A., English, Barnard College. New York State Teacher Certification, Nazareth College. National Board Certification, Media Mentor Award, Ithaca College.


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