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About me

I grew up in the North of Scotland where I attended Forres Academy, the local state school, for my secondary education - aside from two years spent at international school in Kathmandu.

I graduated from Cambridge University in 2017 with a First Class Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. I worked for a year in a care home and at a local farm in order to buy a motorbike and travel to Spain.

I am currently living in Granada, in Southern Spain, to learn Spanish, experience the rich local Andalucian culture (and tapas), and to enjoy the winter sun. I work part-time here teaching English to children. In my spare time I enjoy running, cooking, music, meeting new people, reading and learning Spanish. Teaching is a passion of mine and I have seven years of experience tutoring Maths.

Tutor Experience

I have seven years of tutoring experience with a strong track record of success in my pupils. I started teaching whilst at secondary school in Scotland and have since tutored Maths for Scottish Standard Grades and Highers as well as English GCSE and A Level. I have experience tutoring the AQA, Edexcel and OCR syllabi. I have a passion for making Maths fun and from experience I feel sure that by working through questions together we can build your confidence - so that you will enjoy Maths much more and achieve the result you deserve for all the hard work you put in.

Over my time at Cambridge I have tutored lower year Chemical Engineering students and peers and have never had a tutee achieve less than a 2:1.

Studying at Cambridge has given me four years of experience in the concentrated "Supervision" style of teaching used at Oxbridge. These lessons last for an hour and are taught by one academic to a maximum of three students. Four years of these kind of lessons allowed me to pick up the best teaching tricks from truly outstanding academics and teachers.

I feel that learning in this style from world-class academics has given me a lot of insight into how to coax the best from a student in order to encourage independent thinking and robust understanding. I achieved a first class MEng in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge.

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