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University of Cambridge - Finance and Economics - MPhil


I am a passionate and enthusiastic mentor with a strong background in maths and economics. I have mentored GCSE, A-Level and undergraduate students.

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About me

I am a qualified ski instructor and have skied in Europe, Canada and New Zealand (where I also went skydiving). I also love to travel for non-ski related reasons. I recently spent 6 weeks travelling across south America, where I spent time in the Amazon rainforest, hiked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, sand boarded in Chile and crossed the salt flats in Bolivia. When I am at home I keep very active and will happily play almost any sport. I was captain for my university football team and I am currently training for the 2017 London marathon. I am also a keen piano player and have been teaching myself for the last 5 years or so. I often play video games and know how to build a computer. I love to cook and when I was younger I wanted to be a chef.

Tutor Experience

During my undergraduate degree I worked in the mathematics department of a local secondary school, during which, I was given the opportunity to observe lessons, mentor small groups of students and assist in teaching. This experience taught me how to construct an effective lesson plan to support the organization of my ideas, to enhance the students’ learning and to enable myself to evaluate and improve future lessons. Additionally, my friendly and caring nature aided my ability to build lasting relationships with the small group of students whom I mentored every week. I am a patient and determined teacher, which I believe benefited the lower ability students that I taught. I have a comprehensive understanding of the national curriculum for GCSE and A-Level Mathematics.

I am a qualified ski instructor and spent 6 weeks teaching in New Zealand. During this time, I developed several qualities that make me a good tutor. First, I believe that it is important to teach the student, not the lesson. In particular, depending on how a student responds to the teaching, I am able to adjust my methods to help them improve. Second, I am an excellent communicator. I pay close attention to whether the student understands what is being taught, will try a new approach if the student misunderstands and give feedback throughout the lesson so that they know how they are doing. Finally, I strive to...

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