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BA & MMath, University of Cambridge - Mathematics -

Professional maths & physics tutor & 1st class master's graduate of the University of Cambridge with expertise supporting Oxbridge STEM applications including admissions tests (MAT, STEP, TMUA, NSAA, ENGAA) and interviews.

Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 205 Last Online: 26 Oct 2021
All-time Students: 22 Total Classes: 205 Signed Up: 17 Jan 2020

About Me

I'm a passionate mathematics and physics tutor and a graduate of the University of Cambridge (BA & MMath, 1st class). I am working full time as a private tutor and author of MAT/STEP/TMUA/PAT/interview resources for a variety of agencies, both British and international. I'm also involved in designing and administering several online Oxbridge admissions courses for Chinese agencies, and my students benefit from receiving the same insights in a one-on-one setting. I've also been employed by the Admissions Testing Service as a marker of STEP II and STEP III scripts and this inside knowledge gives me a great deal of expertise regarding precisely what is required to gain all the marks in these exams. Outside of teaching I remain a practising mathematician and I intend to commence a PhD in quantum cosmology in Autumn 2022, though I will continue teaching concurrently.

Easy-going whilst believing all of my students are capable of achieving excellence, my lessons place a focus on worked examples and going "beneath the bonnet" of problems, to deeply understand the underlying theory - which is essential for improving ability at taking on unseen questions. A large portion of lesson time will always be spent extracting useful ideas and principles from completed questions which is essential to cultivating a keen mathematical problem solving instinct. I try to guide my students to solve questions for themselves that they may not have thought possible - and it's the highlight of the job to see their reaction when they realise that they have done so!

Outside of mathematics I am a keen cook and enjoy adventure travel. Other than ensuring all of my students excel in their exams, my dream is to have a pet potbelly pig.

Tutor Experience

Specialist in university entrance exams & interviews, high success rates for Oxbridge in particular. Thousands of hours of experience working with students from six continents (enquiries from Antarctica especially welcome!). Achieved renown in competitive Chinese market as author & lead tutor on some of the most prestigious STEP/MAT/TMUA/PAT/Oxbridge interview courses -- invited to speak at Oxbridge admissions event in Shanghai attended by British Ambassador!

Topic Expertise

While I specialise in Oxbridge admissions (tests and interviews, for which I have a large record of recent past interview questions), I also have a great deal of experience tutoring mathematics and physics for GCSE, A-Level and IB. I'm very familiar with the requirements of each exam board and can tailor a preparation programme to the needs of my individual students. I'm also able to teach most undergraduate mathematics modules (real & complex analysis, number theory, geometry, group theory/algebra, numerical analysis, combinatorics, PDEs/ODEs, variational methods etc.) as well as essentially any theoretical physics modules to master's level (electrodynamics, classical dynamics, quantum mechanics, quantum, classical and statistical field theory, special/general relativity, etc. with the only exception being fluid dynamics).

Client Reviews

Very helpful as always!


Rowan has helped me tremendously with learning techniques through examples of TMUA questions. He is always clear and patient.


Rowan is a brilliant teacher who has taken my son from a low level of maths to hopefully high grades in his upcoming maths GCSE. He instills confidence in the student and lets them move at a pace which suits the student and the demands of examination boards. We plan to use Rowan for our other children too.

- Mathematics

MAT and interview questions


Extremely helpful first lesson session


As always, an excellent and well delivered lesson.

- Mathematics


- Oxbridge Entrance

Excellent, my daughter has really enjoyed her lessons with Rowan. Can definitely recommend him.

- Physics


"I just received the offer from Magdalen! I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have believed in me all the way through the process of the application. And I am very happy I have met you and got to learn so much in maths. Thank your for your help and fabulous teaching." - Oxford applicant who received an offer from Magdalen College, Oxford, to read mathematics and statistics in 2020.

"I've worked with dozens of the best tutors but Rowan is without equal in assisting applications to Oxford and Cambridge for maths, physics and related subjects. His knowledge of the content and style of interview questions has provided his students with an incredible advantage leading to previously unimaginable success rates within our agency (82% at time of writing, which none of our other extremely qualified tutors have even come close to - without tuition the base rate is about 25%). He's also an expert about MAT, TMUA & STEP, providing students with constant detailed and tailored guidance. The original written solutions he provides for MAT have received particularly rave reviews and I understand he's working on similar resources for the other exams. He books up fast so snap him up while you can!" - William, tuition manager at a leading Chinese tutoring agency

"On behalf of []’s mum and me, I just wanted to pass on a heartfelt thanks for your significant contribution to [] securing his place to study at Gonville and Caius. Without detracting from []’ own mathematical abilities or his huge dedication to the task in hand, I have no doubt that your input was instrumental to him achieving the required marks in his STEP exams. It became clear as soon as [] started his sessions with you that he had found an exceptional tutor. Your mathematical prowess, your complete understanding of the STEP process (as well as your knowledge of which Colleges accept which students with which grades) and, most importantly, your unwavering positivity were a huge benefit to []. He always looked forward to his sessions with you and came away from them enthused and upbeat." - Parent of a Cambridge applicant who passed STEP and thus met his offer to read mathematics at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, in 2019

"Rowan has been an absolutely excellent tutor in Maths! He is extremely committed to the success of his students and is able to teach them even the most complex concepts in a way that they can clearly understand. He has even helped our students succeed on the MAT and Oxford interview, giving them unparalleled insights about interview questions and outstanding preparation throughout the process. I highly recommend him as he truly is one of the best tutors in Maths I have ever worked with." - Adam, co-founder at a leading European Oxbridge admissions agency

"Rowan is a fantastic tutor - he carefully and methodically explains concepts and makes the lessons interesting. He is focused on developing a really solid understanding rather than just looking at the method. We are impressed with how he recalls his own prior teaching and is always well prepared for the lesson." - Parent of a long-term GCSE/A-Level Maths student

"You have probably heard from [] that he has been admitted to Exeter College, Oxford! I really wanted to thank you for the amazing work that you have done with him - he would not have been able to achieve such a result without your precious help!" - Parent of Oxford applicant who received entry to Exeter College, Oxford, to read mathematics in 2020

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- MMath in Mathematics, University of Cambridge
- BA in Mathematics, University of Cambridge
- A*s in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Additional Further Mathematics and Physics at A-Level, Saint Olave's Grammar School
- 12 A*s at GCSE, Saint Olave's Grammar School


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