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Professional Online IGCSE Physics Tutors

All of our high quality online igcse physics tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Physics tutor James
Environmental Engineering and Geochemistry, Newcastle University

I have a PhD in Environmental Engineering/Geochemistry and I am passionate about teaching natural sciences to the next generation, and getting people interested in STEM subjects. I have a track record of delivering high quality tuition at competitive prices, and I invite anyone who is self-motivated and interested in excelling in their GCSEs/IGCSEs to get in contact with me if you need any further help with physics and/or chemistry.

** For the academic year 2023-2024 I will be undertaking a teacher training course (PGCE), so unfortunately I will have limited availability **

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1847 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Timothee
Chemistry, King's College, University of London

After graduating with an Msci, I obtained my PGCE and subsequently my NQT. I have since then taught and tutored for the last 15 years both online and on-site.

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824 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Junfred
Mathematics, Philippine Normal University

Licensed and experienced A-level, IGCSE Mathematics, and Physics teacher for 9 years. Presently taking Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics. I help in prepping the students for examinations like CIE, O-level, and IB MYP. I am sure to offer you the best of my ability to help you on your quest for education.

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1323 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Kevin
Engineering, Cambridge University

Double Masters from Cambridge. Qualified UK Teacher. Experienced Physics teacher and tutor. Part-time university lecturer of teacher training. I'm easy to work with and have lots of experience at helping my students understand Physics and get the best grades.

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644 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Therese
2:1 BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, Liverpool John Moores University

Highly experienced teacher of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Former Head of Department and exam board examiner.
Structured, personalised lessons to suit your needs and learning style.

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963 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Andrew
Mphil, Leicester

My name is Andrew Wallace I have been a professional tutor for 15 years . I specialise in A level Chemistry and Biology. I frequently teach GCSE science in Physics Chemistry and Biology. I have taught many different exam boards which include AQA OCR and Edexcel and WJEC. I am pleased to say my students improve their grades and go on to their goals.

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3516 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Mehmet
Physics, Metu

I possess the role of a skilled educator in Physics, also serving as an author and proficient resource specialist for educational programs such as the International Baccalaureate (I.B), Cambridge IGCSE, and 'A-Level qualifications. With a classroom presence exceeding 10,000 hours, I am well-versed in teaching international high school curricula. My focal point revolves around delivering top-notch education in Physics to students across various settings, whether remote or in-person, ensuring a smooth and captivating learning experience throughout their academic journey.

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324 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Kaya Civan
BSc Physics and Teaching, Bosphorus University

20 Years Physics and Math Teacher / IB Examiner

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853 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Anitha
Physics, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Experienced IBDP, A level, IGCSE and GCSE Physics tutor. More than 15 years of experience in teaching and tutoring. Exam board examiner too.

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1935 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Josep
Bsc Biomedical Sciences, University of Bradford

Experienced school teacher having taught both Maths and Science at the IGSCE level in an international school.
I absolutely love teaching and will always make it a priority that the lessons are adapted to whatever works for you. Having previous experience with online tutoring, my students have a proven record of achieving the results they are looking for.

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138 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Chris
Natural Sciences, Cambridge University

Experienced GCSE tutor and primary teacher.
I believe teaching is about much more than just learning facts, so I endeavour to nurture the understanding, confidence and independent thinking of every child I teach.

New to Spires, but an experienced tutor.

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118 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Dr. Leonardo
Physics and Maths, Trinity College, University of Cambridge; ETH Zurich, Switzerland

I am an expert Oxbridge tutor with over 3000 hours of online teaching experience. I can help you improve your grades (IB, A levels, university) and get into Cambridge, Oxford and other prestigious universities.

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809 hours taught

Recent Physics IGCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Junfred - Leago G.- Physics - IGCSE
11th April 2024
I would choose this tutor timeously for my son's IGCSE Maths and Physics. He is good! And he knows it... ;D Lol He is patient (taking his time to not rush steps and allow space for working it out, thus building confidence) He explains everything well, breaking things down in a way that my son can begin to understand. He re-checks understanding and keeps potential challenging work -- simplified. I need to give credit, where it's due and Junfred is brilliant! I am seeing confidence and improvement in understanding go up for our son. We as parents feel confident that with Junfreds' support, excellent tutoring, commitment, diligence and dedication he is delivering to our son, we can rest assured... that our son will show great improvement leading up to the exams. We cannot do it without you, thank you Junfred!
Junfred - Bashier- Physics - IGCSE
26th March 2024
Great teacher, explains well
Junfred - Leago G.- Physics - IGCSE
21st March 2024
Taught me Calculus very well, helped drill the concept into my head. Very happy with lesson and Junfred, great tutor
Junfred - Leago G.- Physics - IGCSE
20th March 2024
Very good explanation of the work, explains Topic very well. We covered Astrophysics in class today, and was very easy to understand, even though it was my first time covering the topic.
Junfred - Leago G.- Physics - IGCSE
13th March 2024
Explained the content very well, and helped me gain a clear understanding. Very good tutor, with a good sense of humour to keep u interested
Galym - Julia- Physics - IGCSE
7th March 2024
Galym is an incredibly talented educator! My son enjoys every lesson with him.
Andrew - Azliza- Physics - IGCSE
16th December 2023
Timothee - Linda- Physics - IGCSE
16th November 2023
Tarig - Melena - Physics - IGCSE
13th November 2023
The class was really good because in just a short time I was able to understand his teaching and explanation. Tarig was very encouraging.
Timothee - Konstantin- Physics - IGCSE
7th June 2023
Based on my experience with Timothee, I can confidently say that he is an exceptional science tutor. Not only is he knowledgeable in the subject matter, but he also has a unique teaching style that makes learning engaging and enjoyable. Timothee is patient and takes the time to explain difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand. His communication skills are top-notch, and he always makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns. All of my lessons throughout the year with him have been perfect. Overall, I highly recommend Timothee to anyone looking for a great science tutor!


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FAQs for IGCSE Physics Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

Why should I choose an IGCSE Physics tutor from Spires Online Tutors?

Opting for an IGCSE Physics tutor from our qualified pool of tutors can dramatically elevate your grasp of the subject matter. Our tutors, particularly those specialising in IGCSE Physics, offer a wealth of experience and tailored tutoring services. They work diligently to demystify complex concepts and sharpen your skills, thus maximising your exam results.

How can an IGCSE Physics tutor help me improve my grades?

An IGCSE Physics tutor can serve as a catalyst in boosting your grades. Through a personalised approach to learning, tutors can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in physics. They then curate targeted learning materials and practice exams to help you refine your skills. This one-on-one private tuition is a way to facilitate a deeper understanding of IGCSE Physics, leading to better results.

Are the IGCSE, GCSE or A-Level Physics tutors on Spires Online Tutors qualified?

Absolutely. Our tutors undergo a stringent selection process to verify their qualifications, experience, and teaching abilities. Every IGCSE, GCSE or A-Level Physics tutor is a subject matter expert who has excelled in their own physics exams at the IGCSE or even A-level stage and got their degree from one of the top institutions. Their collective expertise in teaching ensures quality education for our students.

How can I schedule a Physics lesson with a tutor?

Arranging a session with a tutor on our platform is straightforward. Once you’ve selected your preferred tutor for IGCSE Physics tuition, you can contact them via our messaging system to discuss your availability and to set a convenient time for your online tutoring session.

Can I have a trial lesson before committing to regular Physics sessions?

Yes, many of our tutors provide trial lessons specifically designed for IGCSE Physics tuition. These initial tuition sessions offer an opportunity to understand your tutor’s teaching methods and assess whether they align with your learning style. Feel free to get in touch with the tutor to set up this trial tuition session, especially if you’re gearing up for upcoming exams.

What resources will I need for IGCSE Physics tutoring?

For effective IGCSE Physics tuition online, you’ll require a robust internet connection, a computer or tablet, and any textbooks or supplementary study materials recommended by your tutor for exams. Some tutors may also provide additional resources to enhance your tuition experience and prepare you for exams in the subject.

How often should I have tutoring sessions for Physics?

The number of IGCSE Physics tuition sessions you’ll require is individual and will depend on your personal physics learning objectives at the GCSE level. Students have different preferences when it comes to physics tuition; some opt for weekly physics classes, while others might want more intensive physics tuition sessions as their GCSE exams approach. Your private tutor will work closely with you to customise a physics tuition schedule that fits your learning pace, your timetable, and the level of physics understanding you aim to achieve.

Can I get help with specific topics or exam preparation for IGCSE Physics?

Absolutely! Our physics tutors are adept at providing specialised physics tuition in a variety of topics within the IGCSE Physics curriculum at the GCSE level. Whether you’re struggling with physics concepts like forces, thermodynamics, or motion, or need targeted IGCSE Physics exam preparation, our physics tutors will customise your tuition to focus on your unique physics needs. Given that GCSE-level physics topics can sometimes be challenging, it’s a great benefit to have one-on-one attention from our physics tutors.

How can I track my learning progress in IGCSE Physics?

Your IGCSE Physics tutor will consistently track your physics learning progress through regular physics quizzes, physics tests, and physics homework assignments. They’ll provide constructive physics-related feedback, highlighting any areas where your understanding of GCSE-level physics could improve. If you’re doing this from home, your private tutor can tailor the physics lessons to suit your home-learning environment.

What if I have questions outside of tutoring sessions?

Our online platform provides a messaging feature that facilitates communication with your IGCSE Physics tutor even when you’re at home and not in the middle of your scheduled GCSE Physics tuition sessions. If you find yourself puzzled by physics equations or theories, you can get in touch with your physics tutor for additional questions or clarifications. Your physics tutor will be on hand to assist you, whether you need to discuss your progress at the GCSE level or need more advanced physics guidance.

Can I change tutors if I’m not satisfied?

Absolutely. If your current IGCSE Physics tutor is not meeting your expectations at the GCSE level, you are free to request a change in your physics tutor. Our primary goal is to ensure that each student finds the most suitable private physics tutor for their specific GCSE-level learning needs. Our private tutors are committed to your academic success.

Is online tutoring as effective as in-person tutoring?

Online physics tuition is just as effective as traditional in-person physics tuition, particularly when it comes to subjects like IGCSE Physics. With our roster of qualified physics tutors, you aren’t restricted by geography. You can select the best physics tutor for your needs, no matter where your home is located. This makes our platform a reliable choice for high-level physics tuition.

How do I get started with an IGCSE Physics tutor on Spires Online Tutors?

To start your GCSE Physics tuition, first create an account on our website. Next, browse through our extensive list of qualified physics tutors to find the one that aligns with your GCSE-level academic needs. Once you’ve made your selection, you can directly message your new physics tutor to discuss your academic goals and organise your first online lesson from the comfort of your home.

We hope these FAQs have given you all the information you need to proceed with your IGCSE Physics education on Spires Online Tutors. Our team of experienced tutors is committed to supporting your learning journey and helping you realise your educational objectives.

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