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I am passionate about French, German and Literature in French, German and English and I can share my enthusiasm with my pupils!

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About me

In my spare time, I listen to lots of different genres of music and play the piano. I write and edit student publications such as the Cherwell, the Oxford Student and Phaser Magazine. Travelling is also a passion of mine - I just got back from spending a month working on an organic farm in France! I love visiting art galleries and museums to learning more about history and art and the relationship between them. I also enjoy hiking, cycling and swimming in my spare time.

Tutor Experience

Mastering a language is never finished and is an ongoing process, and so I understand the difficulties students face when learning a new language, and I can share techniques that I have used and still use to master new and difficult grammar concepts and vocabulary. I am also well equipped to help students in their studies of literature, since this is a large part of my degree, simply by probing the way students think about different concepts and the way they analyse language.

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