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Delhi university , India - M.Sc. - Masters of Science and B.Ed & IB/CIE examiner , QTS (qualified teacher status)

Experience and diligence are the key consistencies of a successful teacher, both of which I have taken the effort of acquiring over more than 17 years of my high-yielding teaching career. I am an IB EXAMINER (BIOLOGY and IAs) for the past 8 years and a CIE EXAMINER (BIOLOGY) for the last 4 years. My specialization lies in Biology, ESS, and Chemistry from GCSE to A/IB levels however, my experience is synonymous across the educational board. I am

As previously mentioned, I have a consistent experience in guiding university and A-level assignments for various subjects ie. Science and various social sciences. I find my teaching to transcend the synthetic geographical borders and time zones, having taught from Dubai and Malaysia to the US, India as well as the UK. With my vast, and still ever-growing, the experience of teaching hundreds of students online and in person, I’ve sufficiently grasped the ability to get across challenging content and achieve measurable results.

I would be more than obliged to be contacted for any of your teaching/writing needs and further discuss availability.

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About Me

My relevant qualifications include Masters of Science in Environmental Management and Bachelors in Education. I am into education field for the last 15 years and have been teaching students from secondary years to university level. I have tutored my subjects for all main exam boards including Edexcel, AQA and CIE at GCSE and OCR, AQA and Edexcel at A Level. I have taught students from IB board for more than a decade and being an IB examiner myself provides more experience and opportunities across many countries.

I am a firm believer in viewing things from the students perspective and so my empathetic approach has led to my students achieving grades higher than they had been predicted in virtually all cases. I tend to set my students homework between sessions.

Tutor Experience

I find myself as a dedicated teacher who is able to motivate and encourage students to move forward in their studies. I have been tutoring students not only face to face but also through online platform for the last 15 years. There has been never a single child whom I couldn’t push further to score higher than their predicted grades. My teaching strategies are quite focused on individual requirements, as no two students are exactly same. Being an external examiner for years as well as having the teaching experience for more than 15 years has allowed me to apply specific exam techniques to help the students to understand the science concepts and how to crack the exam questions in various boards. I have worked in various countries and taught students from countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai. Now, I am quite confident that with my experience and effective teaching strategies, I would be able to guide and help many more in UK as well.

Topic Expertise

Based on my qualifications and vast number of years of experience , I am confident with my subject knowledge and always prefer to keep myself updated with not only the changes happening in the curriculum but also with the practical applications of science concepts. With secondary school students I primarily help with Triple science as well as combined science at GCSE and at IBDP and A Levels , my specialization is for Biology. I have worked with University students helping them with extended essays, dissertations and Internal assignments.

I believe that my excellent communication skills and solid academic background enable me to be an effective tutor within my subject fields. I work with students at top Independent schools as well as those from Grammar and both Selective and Non-Selective State schools.

I am often praised for my knowledge beyond the requirements of the various specifications which has helped to give my older students more context than they are able to receive within the classroom.

Client Reviews

Very helpful for my IA!!

- Biology

very helpful, thank you

- Biology

a wonderful teacher, with clear explanations and deep knowledge

- Biology

Very good at explaining complex information thoroughly. Extremely helpful!

- Biology

Very knowledgeable and very good at explaining complex concepts. Extremely helpful with figuring out the IB assessment format!

- Biology

Covered P2 M'16 & P3 N'16. Also learnt how half of the way we count marine organism populations is basically flawed and a lie haha

- Biology

Great class, I was able to lessen my fears of not knowing my units/syllabus. Ms.Ruchi's knowledge of the subject and what to expect as well as how to answer really helps to reduce anxiety and clear any doubt.

- Biology

Had my first class with Ruchi maam, she is an ace teacher and highly professional, must say par excellence. Would love to continue having more classes with her. She is very kind, compassionate and masters her subject . Would highly recommend her. Dania

- Biology

exactly what I was llooking for, very good class

- Environmental systems and societies

Very clear explanation on IB Biology Topics. She is very well aware of past IB exam questions which is very useful. Great communication and dedication from her part. I recommend.

- Biology

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My relevant qualifications include Masters in Environmental Management and Bachelors in Education.


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