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University of Cambridge - Land Economy - BA


I try to be fun, energetic and positive in everything I do. I gain massive amounts of satisfaction from helping students achieve that bright spark!

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About me

I was born in Zimbabwe, but have since lived in Bangladesh, Cyprus, Switzerland, the U.S.A, the U.K, and South Africa. I'm a huge football fan (Chelsea supporter!) and on top of that I'm extremely interested in all things related to entrepreneurship. I also have a growing appreciation for the world of finance, and am extremely interested in learning more about the links between finance and sustainability in the 21st century. When I'm not tutoring or studying at university, I play football for my college and lacrosse for the university. It goes without saying that during my holidays I try to travel as much as possible, and when I find the time I love watching a good tv show (The Blacklist, Game of Thrones etc...).

Tutor Experience

I have tutored for approximately three years, mostly students at my school in sixth form who needed help or were struggling with coursework. I think what distinguishes me from most other "tutors" is not the amount of knowledge I have; instead, it is that I have an ability to summarise and break down complex information into the most simplistic concepts. My former tutees have appreciated this approach and have found it easy to follow the logical and straightforward my outlook on tutoring.