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University of Port Harcourt - Foreign Languages and Literature - BA Hons

I am passionate about vocabulary, grammar and all things English. My life's mission is to pass on that passion to my students. Using varied interactive exercises, I break the daunting subjects of reading comprehension, essay and creative writing.

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About Me

I am a published author. I enjoy reading, travelling, cooking and playing word games. When I'm not tutoring, you can often find me with my head buried in a book, playing games like Blurt, Scrabble, 7 words etc or drooling over well-written dialogue in dramas and tv series.

Tutor Experience

Tailoring each session to suit individual needs, I have successfully tutored several students and helped them gain admission to top selective schools in the UK. I have a vast range of experience teaching both children and adults. I am passionate about English and I pass that passion on to my students. Once I take a student on, I commit to seeing them through to accomplishing their goals. My teaching is practical, engaging and enlightening.

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