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University College London - PhD - Philosophy, Maths


I have been a full-time tutor for 7 years, and love pushing myself to learn about new subjects and to take on challenging placements.

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About me

As well as being a tutor I am also an active researcher at the intersection of a number of fields. Currently, I am working on my next major project, provisionally entitled 'On Human Flourishing', which draws together ideas from psychology, philosophy, biology and economics. In the past, I have written on many topics from moral philosophy to mathematics. In 2012 I published a book Designing Intelligence on the embodied approach in A.I. and this year I am publishing two books on Nietzsche.

Tutor Experience

I care deeply about my students' success and have a passion for education, preparing thoroughly and rigorously for each new placement. I also offer a flexible and easy-going service and have a relaxed and professional manner.
With thousands of hours of tutoring under my belt, I have the experience to handle any problems that might arise. I also now help to train other tutors for online tuition, which is a good opportunity to share techniques and knowledge. I often learn a lot from these sessions, further increasing my effectiveness as a professional tutor.