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University of Oxford - Economics and Management - BA


A recent graduate with a first-class honours in BA Economics and Management and experience helping students out with both Economics and Maths studies.

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About me

Having recently graduated from Oxford in the summer of 2016 I took a gap year to travel and do a ski season. As of mid-September I have returned to London. Aside from travelling and skiing I enjoy playing various sports (Football, Rugby and Hockey are my main ones) and I also play piano when I am home.

Tutor Experience

I have 2 summers of experience tutoring Japanese students in English Language and Culture. Given the varying degrees of fluency in the language (ranging from only 1 years previous study to students who have spent a year or more at an English-speaking school) I feel this has given me the ability to teach to a range of abilities and go at the pace which students are most comfortable with. In addition to this, I have experience tutoring local students in GCSE Mathematics, giving me a more well-rounded tutoring profile. Finally, I have some experience advising students from my previous school with their Oxbridge applications and interview prep, using my own experience with the process, along with the experience of my friends at my college and within my course. I can be very flexible with my tutoring times and I will always try to get the most out of every session I have with you (I hate wasting time) so if this appeals to you then sign up with me as a tutor and I will do my very best to help you achieve the grades you need.

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