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Durham University - PhD in Particle Physics - PhD


I believe that practice makes perfection and I specialise in linking different concepts together so that they are better understood.

Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 443 Last Online: 29 May 2020
All-time Students: 3 Total Classes: 235 Signed Up: 07 Nov 2017

About me

I am Physics PhD graduate from the University of Durham and I tutor part-time. I really enjoy playing sports and I practice judo a boxing regularly!

Tutor Experience

I have a lot of experience. In the last 5 years, I have tutored more than 60 students and over 1000 hours. In the last three years, I have specialized in online tutoring. I am familiar with many different syllabuses and focus on exam technique. Once the ideas are clear, is all about practice!

Topic Expertise

Mathematics, Physics, Oxbridge admissions exams and personal statement help.


"Good news, I managed to get the 2.1 I was aiming for. So super happy,  Many thanks for all of the maths help that you gave me in the lead up to my exams” - Economics and business third year student.

"Andrés helped me tremendously with my exam preparation for my Particle Physics and Theoretical Physics classes especially during exam review time he helped stay calm and make sure I was on top of the material needed for the exam. His explanation were very clear and he adopted a good technique to make sure I understood and could use the material taught! I highly recommend him as a Physics tutor !" - Physics fourth year student

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