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I have been teaching at an undergraduate college as full time faculty in Electrical Engineering. The courses I taught include circuits, electronics, instrumentation and probability and stochastic processes for engineers. I have a very strong math and physics background from my own undergraduate years with excellent grades in all math and physics courses. I am eager to teach and coach students and to teach them through inspiration and exploration.

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About me

I am from Pakistan having spent all my life in Saudi Arabia. I went to Pakistan for a decade or so to do my undergraduate degree in engineering. I then worked for a VLSI design company, designing System-on-Chips (SoCs) for telecom switches for VoIP infrastructure. I did a lot of work on voice compression DSP and voice compression hardware. After that, I went on to pursue my graduate degrees in telecom and signal processing from the University of Michigan (Partial Credits). My Ph.D. is in signal compression for seismic data gathered in oil and gas exploration. I enjoy going outdoors. Indoors, I like to play chess and of course tons of DOTA 2!

Tutor Experience

I have 10+ experience in teaching engineering courses to undergraduate majors in EECS. Topics I cover include signal processing (both DSP and statistical estimation and detection theory), probability and random processes, signal and systems theory, wireless communications and circuit analysis. Tools that I use in my research and teaching include MATLAB, R, MATHEMATICA, C/C++ and Python.

Topic Expertise

Main areas: Sophomore year Math and Physics. Undergraduate courses in EECS. Postgraduate level courses like Real Analysis (Measure and Lebesgue Integration), Information Theory (Source Coding), Digital Communication Theory, Mathematical Signal Processing, Classical Linear Algebra, Game Theory, Linear Controls and Robotics. Software: MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, C/C++, Python, R.

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PhD in EE, MS in Telecommunications and BS in Electronics Engineering.


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