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Kingston University (UK) - MSC in Chemistry . PGCE . - MSc in Chemistry.

I am a qualified teacher ( MSc, PGCE, UK) with a wealth of experience working in the UK and leading international schools in Asia. I am an IB examiner for Chemistry as well as former SAT supervisor for more than 14 years. I do teach IBDP Chemistry and Mathematics , IGCSE Chemistry and Mathematics with a proven track record of excellent results.

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All-time Students: 51 Total Classes: 575 Signed Up: 27 Sep 2022

About Me

I am a passionate sports lover. love playing Cricket and Badminton. A competitive Chess player with 1800+ ranking . A true nature lover who loves sceneries, mountain climbing and biking.

Tutor Experience

More than 20 years of tutoring and offering the highest quality of teaching in leading International Schools in the UK and and in Asia.
IB examiner for more than 15 years.
SAT maths coaching for many years.
Ability to teach Chemistry and mathematics and I have produced some excellent results in many examination boards such as IB, IGCSE and GCE. ( Including 3 world prices for IGCSE ).
Excellent feedback from students ( Please refer to client reviews section ) . Thank you.

Topic Expertise

As I mentioned early I am very comfortable teaching MYP and IBDP Chemistry both (HL and SL)and as well as Mathematics (AA SL) .
IGCSE , GCSE and GCE ( Edexcel and Cambridge) Chemistry and Mathematics.
SAT Maths coaching .

Client Reviews

Very informative and lesson according to my need. Helps me a lot!

- Chemistry

Unit 11 review for mocks

- Chemistry

Today I did chem P1 and P3 and tomorrow I have my last exam P2. I feel extremely confident after the class, and I know that if I hadn't had these classes this semester, my grades would be interesting... I improved so much thanks to Pradeep, he explains everything extremely well, solves exercises in a logical and easy way and is just someone who it is nice to be around. I can't possibly begin to express my gratitude for this semester, it meant so much to me. Thank you for everything

- Chemistry

I am shocked on how much I improved! The classes are always so fun and time flies!

- Chemistry

I have gone through many chemistry tutors and attempted many study strategies for chemistry but I cant seem to grasp the content. Pradeep had been super helpful and supportive throughout the few weeks of cramming that I had left before the chemistry exam. He uses goos resources and explains very well, and he also makes sure you understand by going over questions and relevant theory.

- Chemistry

Very fast and efficient at epxlaining. Really easy to remember concepts

- Chemistry

Pradeep is an exceptional math tutor who can explain even the most complex math concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He is knowledgeable in math and has a talent for breaking down complex topics into more manageable pieces. Also, he tailors lessons to my specific needs and is patient and flexible. Highly recommend!

- Mathematics

Brilliant explanation of topics. Able to understand the topics I was struggling with

- Chemistry

Throughout the sessions, Pradeep helped me to cover a wide selection of syllabus content, where I gained a deeper insight into the topics, thus filling up the gaps and aiding me to solve topic-related problems with ease. This is very helpful to my preparation into the IB exam. I am glad to cover Chemistry with Pradeep's help.

- Chemistry

Pradeep is an outstanding math teacher! His teaching makes the questions look like butter. And this is all thanks to his always great optimism and friendliness, which I greatly appreciate! I can't state how happy I am that I found him to be my math tutor. He is the reason why I will get a good mark on my IGCSE math exam, which has been a complete pain for me in the past two years. I recommend Pradeep to anyone trying to understand math in a friendly environment.

- Mathematics

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MSc in Chemistry from People's Friendship University, Moscow, Russia.
BSc in Chemistry from People's Friendship University, Moscow, Russia.
PGCE ( UK) from Kingston University, Surrey, UK.


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