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Highly experienced tutor and research psychologist at the University of Oxford who has worked with more than 360 students

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Univeristy of Oxford - Psychology - PhD

Highly experienced tutor and research psychologist at the University of Oxford who has worked with more than 360 students

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Total Classes: 51
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Recent Students: 3Total Hours: 37Last Online:
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About Me

Having worked as a tutor in various capacities over the years, I am passionate about working alongside students to help them maximise the potential that they have inside them already. My academic background is in psychology and neuroscience, but being someone with a thirst for knowledge, I have also studied modern languages, philosophy, and statistics. My approach to tutoring is collaborative and I like to work with students to really help them find a love for their discipline that will become the fuel for their desire to learn. Within psychology, I am particularly interested in studying the brain and how this organ gives rise to the complexity of the mind. I have spent a lot of time studying mental health conditions, as well as disorders of brain function, including dementia and stroke. In addition to this, I am also really interested in what makes us different, across dimensions, such as personality and intelligence. Part of my work to date has brought my interests in health and well-being together with my interest in what makes us different my studying the psychology of religion. There is nothing more rewarding than finding an area of research about which one is passionate and learning more and more about it. This passion is truly motivating and actually helps us to retain what we learn because we are telling our brains that this information is relevant to us. Drawing on the psychology of learning and teaching, I make sure that my lessons are structured in a way that students are most likely to retain what we discuss and implement it in their courses. Rest assured that with my background in psychology, we will be able to use our knowledge of the brain and the mind to help you maximise your potential and ace those assessments.

Tutor Experience

I have 7 years’ experience working with students in 1-2-1 settings, as well as with larger groups. My tutoring experience has spanned university application coaching, assisting students with high-school exams in psychology (e.g., IB, A-level, and GSCE), and providing guidance on exam preparation, essay writing, and critical thinking. I have also taught English as a foreign language to over 160 students in Italy and France. In larger group settings, I have tutored in psychology to over 50 students. In 1-2-1 settings, I have worked with over 30 students in applying to Oxbridge and other renowned universities, as well as in examination preparation for psychology courses at various levels. As a PhD student at Oxford in psychology, I have a wealth of experience in teaching psychology, as well as in applying to study for a degree in the field, which places you in very safe hands. If you have any questions the please feel free to reach out to me and we can make a plan of attack together to help you reach your goals.

Topic Expertise

Experimental Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
Reserach Methods
Computer Coding
Critical Thinking
Essay Writing
Admissions Tutoring

Client Reviews

Graham is just exceptional! His expertise and experience on Oxford and Camrbidge admission process really really helped my success. He guided me in securing a fully funded position at Cambridge. Highly recommended for anyone looking to excel academically and looking into the top places.

- Oxbridge Entrance

Excellent as always! Highly recommend

- Psychology

Great session, informative and covered what I needed to support current studies. Graham explains things clearly and concisely.

- Psychology


- Oxbridge Entrance

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PhD in Psychiatry
University of Oxford

MSc in Psychological Research
University of Oxford

MA (Hons) in Psychology and Neuroscience
University of Glasgow

CertHE in French
University of St Andrews