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Driven Tutor who specializes in English, Philosophy & Writing.

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University College London - Philosophy - MPhil

Driven Tutor who specializes in English, Philosophy & Writing.

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About Me

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where I was usually the overactive child in the back of the classroom. Eager to learn but often under-stimulated, I would distract myself with my imagination. Towards the end of high school, this started to become more of an issue, and I realized I needed to make some changes. This is when I started to take learning more seriously, and gained important insights about how to plan, focus and study better. At University College Roosevelt, where I did my undergraduate studies, there was a lot of emphasis on developing presentation and debating skills. The more I noticed I had a knack for explaining things in a clear and simple manner, the more I started to consider a future as a teacher. For the past two years, I have been working as a tutor on a full-time basis, and I could not imagine a more fulfilling career!

Tutor Experience

I have 3+ years of full-time tutoring experience, working with students aged 7 to 37.

My main areas of expertise are Philosophy, English and Writing - both creative and academic.

Helping students understand difficult concepts and organising their thoughts into essays are some of my key strengths.

As for English, I am most familiar with the British curriculum, in particular AQA.

I also have experience in designing and delivering courses for pre-uni curriculums on philosophy & business.

I have further taught study skills & exam preparation to high school students.

In terms of SEN, I have worked with students with ADHD, autism and dyslexia.

I firmly believe that confidence & motivation are key conditions for learning, so I take pride in fostering those first and foremost!

Topic Expertise

English, Philosophy, Writing

Client Reviews

Albin provided excellent insight and feedback to support my essay. I would highly recommend him for academic writing support!

- Philosophy

so helpful and really quick at getting back to me

- Philosophy


"Albin taught a fascinating lesson in which he introduced Consequentialist thought and had me put it to the test in some thought experiments including The Trolley Problem.

Albin checked in with prior knowledge, noting that I'd taken Religious Studies at GCSE and generally gauging how much philosophy I'd covered in my schooling. Albin checked in frequently and posed some interesting questions, inviting me to, essentially, find the crux of why "ensuring the maximum happiness for the maximum amount of people" can be deeply problematic in practice!

Evidently very knowledgeable in his subject, Albin communicated with total clarity and with ease. He is engaging whilst maintaining a relaxed and approachable tutoring style which I feel would put students at their ease.

I highly recommend him."

“Albin did a most wonderful job and our son can now read and write competently and his job is done.

I can only praise Albin in the highest tones, he learned to read and write our son very gently and with a lot of fun and always found creative solutions.

He is a high class tutor."

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MPhil in Philosophy at University College London