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Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and engaging Maths tutor. I view maths from an intuitive and problem-solving perspective and aim to instill this view in my students.

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University of Manchester - Mathematics - Master's

Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and engaging Maths tutor. I view maths from an intuitive and problem-solving perspective and aim to instill this view in my students.

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About Me

Since I can remember, I have had an intrinsic love for maths and logical problem solving. I love to communicate my views about maths even more and started tutoring at the age of 15. I eventually graduated in 2020 from my Master's in Mathematics at the University of Manchester as a top student in my class. In the 3 years following, I have had diverse experiences, being a full-time maths tutor, a PhD student at the prestigious London School of Geometry and Number Theory, and a financial modelling consultant at Operis. Whatever I was doing, I was tutoring as much as I could, after work or on the weekend.

I am currently refocusing on a career in tutoring. I'm particularly interested in teaching creative problem solving and highly abstract concepts, as needed in A-level to undergraduate level mathematics, school & university entrance exams (e.g. 16+, Oxbridge admissions), and maths competitions (e.g. Olympiads).

Two of my main hobbies are cooking and cycling. This summer, I am embarking on a month-long cycling trip to France.

Tutor Experience

I have 1300+ hours of experience tutoring Maths over the past 10 years, roughly split in the following levels: GCSE & lower - 500+ hours; A-level/IB - 300+ hours; Undergraduate/Master's - 500+ hours in various topics including Calculus/Analysis, Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory, Differential Equations, Stochastic Processes, Probability, Statistics, Mechanics, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Biology & more.
I have also helped mathematics students with programming using languages such as Python, R, Matlab and more.

I have tutored under various exam boards such as Edexcel, AQA, OCR and universities such as LSE, Imperial, Queen Mary, Manchester and have experience with entrance exams such as STEP.

Most of my experience has been online, using video conferencing and digital whiteboards. I have also tutored ~100 hours in Manchester schools on behalf of the Tutor Trust, to small groups of students aged 12 - 16. Additionally, I interned at Chorlton High School for 4 weeks, where I delivered maths lessons to whole classes.

Lessons are centred around your needs and am happy to adapt to my students' request. However, I have found students typically thrive when focusing on practice and examples and drawing on theory when necessary. I will answer all your questions with clear, intuitive, visual and enthusiastic explanations until you are satisfied with your understanding. I can draw analogies and make connections between topics which will entertain you and deepen your appreciation for the subject. We will regularly set homework to consolidate your learning and attainable goals which will guide your path to improvement. Along the way, you will gain studying, problem-solving and exam-taking skills. You will find more confidence and enjoyment in the difficult subject that is maths.

Topic Expertise

Mathematics with any exam board or university.

Client Reviews

Great ! Eager to help and explains things well.

- Further Maths


another excellent lesson. explains things really well and good advice.

Professional, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. My son not only enjoys but also benefits from his tuition session with Mel

Mel is a fantastic tutor, super patient and goes the extra mile. Friendly and makes maths fun. Thanks!

Flexible and helpful. The lessons were tailored to understanding the maths in a way that helps achieve the goal i had efficiently yet thoroughly.

Mel is a very patient friendly tutor. We had difficulty to find a statistics tutor, Mel offered help to my daughter, which really boosted her confidence. I’m glad we’ve found Mel at my daughter’s final review stage before her advanced higher statistics exam.

Fantastic tutor, helped me tremendously with a mathematical economics module in a short time before the exam. Extraordinarily knowledgeable and I would strongly recommend Mel to anyone else who needs a tutor, especially so if you attend a top Russell Group university as my course is quite intense!

Mel is a truly outstanding math tutor with an exceptional ability to share his insight and knowledge, the evidence is in the improvement in A-level grade achieved !

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A-level Maths (A*), Further Maths (B), Computing (A)