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Professional Online GCSE Computer Science Tutors

All of our high quality online gcse computer science tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Computer Science tutor Myles
Computer Science BSc MSc, Staffordshire

A tutor that thoroughly enjoys tutoring students while dedicated to achieving the best.

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3926 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Anila
Bsc (Hons) Computing, Preston University

A creative, inspiring and compassionate tutor, dedicated to supporting learners of all abilities and backgrounds through engaging and student centred lessons. I have a genuine love for learning and developing new skills and my aim is to cultivate this passion in my students in order to support them in achieving their highest potential.

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470 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Shahid
Computing and Information Systems, London Metropolitan University

Computer Science tutor and trainer with many years of experience in teaching GCSE, A-level and undergraduate students. I am an expert in teaching all the theory as well as programming content of different syllabus from AQA, OCR, CIE, and any independent university module. Develop customize lessons depending on student requirements, learning abilities and objectives to build their confidence as well as knowledge on the subject. Give training to Computer Science teachers in equipping them with necessary skills and pedagogy techniques to deliver effective and engaging in-class lessons at different schools in UK.

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1941 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Peter
Computing & Information Technology, University of Northumbria

Let's find the focus!

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339 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Momna
Information Technology, University of Sussex

I pursued my passion of learning Computer Science for more then 10 years (GCSE to 2 Masters degrees) and Now teaching a range of age group including GCSE, Btec and A-Level from last 4 four years.

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223 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Nicola
Performance management , Leeds university

My passion is to turn I Can’t into I Can

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professional online Computer Science tutor Shenji
Computer Science, ETH Zurich

Technology professional, and educator with a Masters in Computer Science. I listen, adapt and tailor each lesson to maximise your learning experience, combining theory with practical examples.

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professional online Computer Science tutor Yoram
MSc Computer Science, Hertfordshire

Highly experienced professional and motivational tutor, with an MSc degree and more than 12 years’ experience in private tuition.

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2584 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Annie
Computer Science with Mathematics, University of Sheffield

Maths and CS Tutor - 8 years experience - over 70 students achieved desired grade -Focus on the subject skill, confidence, & enthusiasm - Exam techniques

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professional online Computer Science tutor Ramsey
Informatics, University of Edinburgh

First-class Master's grad and award-nominated tutor with 6 years experience. Boost your grades, confidence, and have fun while you're at it!

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55 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Andreas
Computer Science, Loughborough University

I am an experiences Computer Science Teacher, making the subject so easy for anyone to understand...
Please remember "There are no Bad Students, there are only Bad Teachers", and my students are all Happy and educated through my Delivery process

View Full Profile
20 hours taught
professional online Computer Science tutor Jelan
Computer Science , Glyndwr University

Experienced Computer Science Teacher bring confidence to learning through motivation and inspiration, has passion for teaching computer Science coming into full bloom with tutoring!. An industry experienced professional who has sound knowledge in Accounting and Business studies obtained from professional qualification.

View Full Profile
66 hours taught

Recent Computer Science GCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Joshua - Hasibe- Computer Science - GCSE
20th February 2024
Peter - Mohammed- Computer Science - GCSE
21st October 2023
Very good at explaining and giving ideas to make things easier to understand.
Momna - ann- Computer Science - GCSE
19th October 2023
This lesson session was excellent and focused on specifics which we asked and were very well addressed directed quickly to areas Best wishes Ann
Shahid - Patricia - Computer Science - GCSE
16th April 2023
Very professional,my daughter feels comfortable with His teaching skills
Momna - mahnoor- Computer Science - GCSE
25th March 2023
great lesson - really easy to follow and understand.
Momna - Dee- Computer Science - GCSE
3rd March 2023
Was good
Myles - Joanne- Computer Science - GCSE
16th December 2022
i was able to understand everything that i didn't previously, and i feel more confident in the subject now. He was understanding when i was unsure of my answers and helped me to go through them step by step.
Anila - Abubaker- Computer Science - GCSE
11th December 2022
Great teacher.
Shahid - Samira- Computer Science - GCSE
14th November 2022
Absolutely brilliant. My son had given up hope with his computer science lessons at school and Shahid managed to install his confidence back after only 1 lesson. We are now not dreading the GCSE exam but actually looking forward to a good grade. Highly recommend.
Peter - Claire- Computer Science - GCSE
6th November 2022
Excellent Ben loves these sessions


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FAQs for GCSE Computer Science Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What is GCSE Computer Science?

GCSE Computer Science is a level of study that serves as an introduction to the essential concepts of computer science, including areas such as algorithms, data representation, and programming languages. This GCSE level course is a crucial foundation for students interested in delving deeper into computing.

Why should I consider getting a GCSE Computer Science tutor?

Engaging with a GCSE Computer Science tutor can offer tailored tuition that elevates your grasp of intricate concepts and enhances your programming acumen. The tutor’s experience in delivering lessons tailored to GCSE curriculums can improve your exam grades and equip you for further academic pursuits or even a career in computer science.

How can GCSE Computer Science tutors help me with programming languages?

Computer Science tutors can guide you through programming languages like Python, Java, or C++. Tutors can share their vast knowledge on the syntax and logic of these languages, ensuring you produce efficient and error-free code. Lessons are often project-based, giving you hands-on experience in programming.

What qualifications and experience do GCSE Computer Science or Computing teachers have?

Our team of GCSE Computer Science tutors come with noteworthy qualifications and a wealth of experience in the subject. These tutors have proven expertise in GCSE level computer science and possess relevant university degrees in computing or related fields. They are also keen to share their extensive knowledge to help students succeed.

How can I find the right GCSE Computer Science tutor for me?

To find your ideal tutor in GCSE Computer Science, you can sift through our comprehensive list of tutors online. This view allows you to sort tutors based on qualifications, experience levels, and student reviews. Scheduling a trial lesson with a tutor enables you to evaluate their teaching style and how it aligns with your learning needs.

Can a GCSE tutor help me with coursework and projects?

Definitely! Our tutors excel in hands-on GCSE Computer Science tuition. Your tutor can assist with research, planning, and coding for coursework and projects. Each tutor aims to ensure your work meets GCSE standards. Seek a tutor’s help to optimise your performance effectively. With consistent tutor guidance, you’ll find that your tutor can help you elevate your coursework to a higher level, step by step.

How often should I have tuition sessions for GCSE Computer Science?

The frequency of your GCSE Computer Science tutoring sessions with your tutor depends on your individual needs and objectives. However, regular lessons, ideally at least once or twice a week, can provide a steady learning pace and solidify your understanding of GCSE computer science topics. Your tutor can help craft a personalised study plan that suits you.

Can GCSE tutors help me prepare for GCSE Computer Science exams?

Our team of experienced Computer Science tutors are well-versed in exam requirements and offer focused revision sessions for exams’ preparation. A computer science tutor can guide you through past papers, provide insights on key concepts and questions, and equip you with strategies to tackle the exams confidently.

How do online GCSE Computer Science tutoring sessions work?

Online tuition lessons with a tutor are facilitated through a user-friendly virtual classroom platform. Interaction between students and tutors is made easy via webcam and chat features. These online tutoring sessions are incredibly interactive, allowing for real-time questions, immediate feedback, and reviews.

Can I choose the Computer Science tutors I want to work with?

Absolutely, the choice is yours among our skilled Computer Science tutors. Browse tutor profiles, read reviews, and check tutor availability. A trial lesson with your chosen tutor helps ensure compatibility before committing to regular lessons. With our diverse tutors, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

How can I track my progress in GCSE Computer Science?

Our team of experienced GCSE Computer Science tutors are here to regularly update you on your academic journey. Utilising quizzes and coding challenges devised by your tutor, you’ll be able to measure your understanding of key concepts. Your chosen tutor will assist you in setting specific academic goals, ensuring a targeted approach to GCSE success. These tutors are trained to offer ongoing evaluations, allowing for adjustments in your learning plan.

Are the tutoring sessions flexible in terms of scheduling?

Absolutely, flexibility is key. Our dedicated team of GCSE Computer Science and Computing tutors understand the diverse needs of students when it comes to scheduling tuition. Tutoring lessons with our tutors can be scheduled for weekdays, evenings, or weekends. Your tutor will coordinate with you to find a convenient timeslot, making sure that your education fits smoothly into your life. With our tutors, flexibility is always a priority.

How can I get started with GCSE Computer Science tutoring with Computer Science tutors?

Starting with GCSE Computer Science tutoring is simple. First, visit our website and register an account. Once logged in, you’ll be able to browse through a comprehensive list of qualified GCSE Computer Science tutors. Each tutor’s profile offers insights like qualifications and experience. You can either book a trial lesson to gauge compatibility or directly schedule regular tutoring sessions with your preferred GCSE tutor. With these tutors, beginning your educational journey is straightforward.

What if I’m struggling with a specific topic or concepts in GCSE Computer Science?

If you find yourself wrestling with particular GCSE Computer Science concepts or have any questions, our tutors are equipped to provide targeted help. They can deconstruct complex concepts into more manageable parts, offering additional resources and practice material to reinforce your learning.

How can I contact customer support for any further questions or assistance?

For any further questions or concerns, our customer support team is available for assistance. You can reach us via the website’s contact form or by email. We are committed to delivering prompt and effective customer service, ensuring your online tutoring experience is both smooth and rewarding.

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