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Economics BA (Hons)

Highly experienced qualified A Level & IB teacher and examiner who has consistently enabled students to obtain fantastic results.

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Portsmouth - Economics - BA (Hons)

Highly experienced qualified A Level & IB teacher and examiner who has consistently enabled students to obtain fantastic results.

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About Me

Phil has taught an extensive variety of secondary subjects in addition to providing curriculum guidance to A-Level students. He is a passionate tutor, coach and mentor who is able to think creatively to find solutions for students especially those considered “difficult” by their school.

Phil is a secondary specialist with a wider range of abilities and experiences:
- Principal of several international schools;
- Qualified inspector for the British Schools’ Overseas and the British Council;
- School improvement consultant;
- Teacher trainer and mentor for the Egyptian Government and the Times Educational Supplement (TES);
- School set up consultant in Morocco and Egypt;
- Recruitment consultant for the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates (UAE);
- IB Examiner and
- Qualified Life Coach.

Tutor Experience

Phil is an exceptional teacher who is able to make the subjects of economics and business come alive by relating concepts to the real world making them much easier for students to understand. He has taught for the last 20 years in South East Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East at renowned international schools. He has tutored many students in IB/A Level and IGCSE subjects including other subjects such as History and Travel & Tourism. Phil is a specialist in teaching students whose first language is not English.

Topic Expertise

All A Level, IB, IGCSE and GCSE boards covered.

Client Reviews

excellent. highly recommended.

- Business Management

Greta great teacher! Highly recommended

- Business Management

Phil has been invaluable in helping our son develop his knowledge and understanding of the Economics A Level curriculum. He has tailored the classes to focus on key topics and techniques which has ensured rapid progress over the time he has been working with us. Would highly recommend.

- Economics

Phil is one of the best tutors I have ever come across. He is assisting my son with IB business management and not only are his lessons effective and interesting but he also coaches my son as the lesson progresses. I highly recommend Phil.

- Business Management


- Economics

Really good!

- Economics

Excellent. Really helped my daughter to understand finance

- History

Great class! Truly learnt a lot

- Economics


Elliot Sellers - Sydney

Thank you very much for teaching me, I have noticed a massive increase in my learning from your Business classes and I’m sure I will strive at school next year because of that.

Sarah Billson – Guernsey

Phil mentored and tutored our daughter during the pandemic when she was back at home in Guernsey , unable to attend her boarding school in the UK. He quickly struck up a rapport and friendship with Bliss and assisted her in her three A Levels – English Literature, Politics and Geography – helping her with her understanding, structuring essays and pointing her in the direction of suitable resources. His help was invaluable and helped to keep Bliss focused during this difficult period.

The mentoring helped Bliss to maintain a high level of motivation during her period of home learning and ensure she stayed in the top quarter of her subject sets.

In research for her EPQ on whether peace is possible in Northern Ireland, Phil even found her an ex-journalist for her to interview.

Heba Hegazy- Egypt

Phil is an amazing tutor. My daughter Dana had been expelled from school, was uninterested in anything to do with school and difficult to deal with. Enter Phil. Firstly, he helped her with her attitude and then made Maths seem far more straightforward giving her some confidence for once. In spite of her dyslexia, her English also began to improve. She is now doing really well at her new school and for that we owe Phil massive thanks.

Haileybury School, Kazakhstan

Two months before the IB exams, our Business & Management teacher was unexpectedly forced to return to the UK. Through a current member of staff, we were put in touch with Phil. Within a couple of days, Phil came up with a comprehensive revision programme to be delivered remotely in addition to the setting and marking of exam questions and a full mock exmaination. Phil was wholly dependable and even graded the students’ Internal Assessments. He made himself available to mentor individual students and was remarkably cheerful for lessons beginning at 4am UK time!

Vihann Jagtiani – India

I was lucky enough to have Phil as a teacher and mentor for four years of my high school life. Learnt far more than just the Business curriculum.

Abdullah El Safty – Egypt

All through the pandemic, our school had told us that we were not going to sit the IB exams but this situation changed with just a few weeks to go. I had scored well in my mock exam so did not really put much effort into my work after that. Phil had taught my brother a few years earlier so he put us in touch as I was in a major panic. Phil immediately agreed a two week programme of online revision and markiing exam questions which got me the grade I needed in the exam. I cannot thank him enough – quick to act, thorough and knows how to put complex issues across simply.

Kasparas Jukniene – Lithuania

My son, Kasparas, was not doing so well in Maths so we found Phil to teach him online. Very quick, Kasparas, found the subject with more joy and start to find higher marks. The lessons were fun for my son and he enjoy them.

Weijia Huang – China

Thanks to the experiences of being a student of Phil, I am now more prepared for my new life in both academic perspective and life attitude. I am so glad and grateful to meet Phil in the AP program. The things he had taught me really served as a turning point in my high school life and a valuable treasure in future studies.

Rayhan Arif – Malaysia

He was also a phenomenal motivating force; students’ grades and attitudes improved significantly during their time as his pupils.

Fenella Croley – Ireland

During a parent teacher conference when my self-esteem in this course had hit rock bottom, I was expecting the usual lecture”study more”, “listen in class”. However, Mr. Neild told me to be realistic, think logically, and to use my common sense. He believed in me from the beginning and pushed me till the end. Our entire class has appreciated Mr.Neild’s efforts and supportiveness throughout these two years, and I think I speak for everyone by saying he was one of the unforgettable teachers you encounter within your high school years.

Louisa Malhagaes – Brazil

Just wanted to say that I’m officially starting uni today, and none of these teachers rock nearly as much as you! Best business teacher, ever! Miss you and your lessons, Mr. Neild! Thank you for everything, and for always caring about all of us. You never treated us as only your students, and I could never ask for anything better than that in a teacher! ps: Make the “Best business teacher, ever!” part Best Teacher, ever!

Finola Leonardi – Indonesia

Phil & Sarah are just incredible people who are so much more than teachers. They mentored me in my final two years of school providing care and guidance on how to navigate life. I am forever grateful for the time they spent with me.

Joyce Christman – USA

It isn’t often that parents can say they truly felt that their child’s teacher was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure that their child could reach her individual potential. This is not an easy task when dealing with teenagers. Phil has not only done that, he’s done it in such a way that she truly adores and respects him. Furthermore, Phil has been an absolute pleasure to work with as a parent.

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