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Professional Online IGCSE History Tutors

All of our high quality online igcse history tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online History tutor Toby
History of Technology, University of Oxford

I'm an historian with a decade of teaching and admissions experience, who has worked with the University of Oxford and NASA. I want to do the very best to help you get the results you want.

View Full Profile
professional online History tutor Stacey
Education and International Development, UCL

Head of History and Politics and History examiner. I have twenty years experience of teaching at some of the most academic schools in both the UK and overseas. My aim is to inspire students to love my subjects as much as I do and achieve the very best grades possible.

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589 hours taught
professional online History tutor Johnette
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Lyceum University

Qualified and experienced KS2- A levels History, Geography, ESL/ EFL teacher. I help students achieve academic success and inspire a love for learning.

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299 hours taught
professional online History tutor James
History, University of Leeds, BA History / University of Sussex, PGCE History Teaching

Experienced History teacher in IGCSE, GCSE, A-Level, and IB. I have a breadth of experience, of 12 years, in mentoring and teaching students how to work towards their academic aspirations.

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87 hours taught
professional online History tutor Laia
History, Barcelona University and Pomeu Fabra University

I am about to receive my PhD in History, Cambridge University. My research focuses on the early modern period, but I teach a variety of subjects ranging from medieval to modern history. I strive to provide students with the theoretical, emotional, and practical support to achieve their performance goals and become influential historians.

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274 hours taught
professional online History tutor Jonathan
BA in English and MA in International Politics, University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick

Award-Winning "Super Tutor" with over 12,000 English, Maths, History and Eleven-Plus Lessons Delivered to 1000+ Students across 32 Countries :)

View Full Profile
141 hours taught
professional online History tutor Josh
Humanities, Education, University of Edinburgh

International teacher of English, Business, Philosophy & Humanities, with a decade of experience teaching GCSE, A-Level and IB in international schools around the world. I am fully student-focused, with a history of success developing engaging and relevant classes to help students overcome their academic and study challenges. I believe in the values of patience and kindness in supportive academic relationships in order to develop student confidence and determination.

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1607 hours taught
professional online History tutor Rupert
Education; Neurodevelopmental Conditions; Archaeology, Durham University

Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Keele University

Postgraduate Certificate in ADHD and Related Neurodevelopmental Conditons - New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling

European Mentoring and Coaching Council

View Full Profile
845 hours taught
professional online History tutor Andrew
History, University of Cambridge

Highly experienced A-level teacher and sixth form tutor. MA and PGCE in history from the University of Cambridge.

View Full Profile
283 hours taught
professional online History tutor Jason
Bachelor of Media Arts, Auckland University

New to Spires with over 20 years experience teaching High School and Middle School Visual Arts, Humanities, and History. Helping students to create amazing artworks and understand how the world works has been a life long passion. One of my main strengths is helping with writing essays and specifically structured exam questions.

View Full Profile
professional online History tutor Paula
Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford University

I specialise in essay-writing techniques: including exam essays, coursework, and dissertations.

View Full Profile
professional online History tutor Dr Jaime
PhD Holocaust Studies, Independent Scholar

A highly qualified and effective tutor of History and Politics (I will also take on RS GCSE).

View Full Profile
122 hours taught

Recent History IGCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Johnette - Hillia- History - IGCSE
6th March 2024
Laia - Adriana - History - IGCSE
12th January 2024
speaks so passionately
Laia - Adriana - History - IGCSE
4th January 2024
she is really kind and will motivate you to your fullest potential, I even began liking history!
Johnette - Jaydon- History - IGCSE
22nd November 2023
Johnette is a really good teacher, she enabled me to achieve to my highest potential in my IGCSE History exam.
Johnette - Maxim- History - IGCSE
18th November 2023
Johnette is an excellent teacher who covers topics of history very well. She is great with guidance and does well with helping with revision for examinations in preparation for IGCSE.
Johnette - Jaydon- History - IGCSE
1st November 2023
good lesson despite repeated technical problems from lessonspace
Johnette - Anna- History - IGCSE
4th October 2023
Our sessions with Johnette have been very helpful! She has a good pace, high expectations and a supportive demeanour. Can't recommend her tutoring enough.
Johnette - Maxim- History - IGCSE
27th May 2023
The teacher Johnette was extremely clear on the topics and offered helpful guidance on the material and questions. What was clear before was solidified and what wasn't clear was no longer a problem. Johnette is an excellent teacher and deserves this rating.
Johnette - Jaydon- History - IGCSE
19th April 2023
clear and informative lesson!
Jonathan - Halimi- History - IGCSE
20th March 2023
very communicative teacher and a very interactive session, very well animated.


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FAQs for IGCSE History Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your IGCSE History tutors have?

Our IGCSE history tutors on the Spires Online platform are meticulously vetted and hold relevant university degrees in history or related subjects. These tutors bring years of professional experience in history tutoring. Their depth of experience equips them with the skills to tailor history lessons to individual student needs.

How do I find the best IGCSE History tutor for my child?

You can find the most suitable IGCSE history tutor for your child by browsing through our comprehensive range of tutor profiles on our online platform. Each tutor’s qualifications, teaching experience, and reviews from other students are readily available. When you find a tutor that seems like a good fit, you can schedule a trial history lesson to ensure compatibility.

Can I choose the tutor’s teaching style for my child’s IGCSE History lessons?

Absolutely, the beauty of having one-on-one IGCSE history tuition with our tutors is the flexibility it offers. You can discuss your child’s learning preferences directly with the tutor and find a teaching method that resonates with them. Our tutors are committed to providing individualised tutoring experiences.

How often should my child have IGCSE History lessons?

The frequency of IGCSE history lessons will depend on your child’s unique requirements and level of understanding of the subject. Some students opt for regular weekly lessons, while others might require more concentrated history tutoring sessions leading up to their GCSE exams. Our tutors can offer a range of schedules to suit your child’s needs.

Can the History tutors help with IGCSE History exam preparation?

Absolutely, our experienced tutors are experts in exam preparation. These tutors focus on tailored history lessons designed to prepare your child for IGCSE history exams. Leveraging their years of tutoring experience, the tutors guide students through mastering exam structures, improving essay-writing skills, and undertaking comprehensive history subject revision. In line with both GCSE and IGCSE guidelines, the tutor will equip your child with the skills and knowledge to excel in their IGCSE history exams.

How do I track my child’s progress in IGCSE History?

Keeping tabs on your child’s progress in IGCSE history studies becomes an effortless task when you choose Spires Online Tutors. Our highly qualified history tutors consistently supply detailed feedback and comprehensive progress reports related to your child’s performance in IGCSE history. These history tutors will offer you an opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths and areas for improvement in history, particularly at the GCSE and IGCSE levels.

Are the History tutors familiar with the latest curriculum changes?

Absolutely, one of the top priorities for our history tutors is to stay updated with the latest changes in the curriculum. These tutors are intimately familiar with the most recent syllabus updates and examination guidelines for both GCSE and IGCSE history studies. Therefore, you can be rest assured that the tutor you select through Spires Online Tutors will be well-versed in the current requirements for history at both the GCSE and IGCSE levels.

Can the IGCSE History tutor help with specific topics or areas of difficulty?

Absolutely, our IGCSE history tutors, who bring years of tutoring experience to the table, are experts in providing targeted history lessons designed to address particular subjects or issues that your child may be struggling with. These history tutoring sessions often include a broad range of resources and strategies to help your child effectively understand complex topics in their IGCSE history studies. With a tutor that has years of experience in history and other subjects at the GCSE level, your child will not only learn but excel.

How do I schedule IGCSE History lessons with a tutor?

To arrange IGCSE history tutoring sessions, simply navigate our online platform where you can view the schedules of our available history tutors. After you’ve found a tutor whose experience and timetable align with your child’s studies at the IGCSE level, you can effortlessly book history tutoring lessons to suit your convenience. Our tutors have years of experience in accommodating the tutoring needs of students, and they understand the importance of adapting their tutoring approaches to different school schedules.

Can the IGCSE tutors provide additional History resources for my child’s learning?

Yes, in addition to the history lessons they deliver, our tutors of IGCSE history can furnish your child with a plethora of history resources. These range from practice questions and past papers to recommended further readingsโ€”all curated to enrich your child’s learning experience in IGCSE history studies. Given our tutors’ years of experience, they understand what resources students at the IGCSE level may require to excel in history as well as other subjects.

How do I pay for IGCSE History tuition lessons?

Payments for IGCSE history tuition are processed securely via our online platform, which supports various payment options including credit/debit cards and PayPal. We aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

What if my child doesn’t connect well with the assigned IGCSE History tutor?

We understand that not every tutor-student pairing is successful. If your child doesn’t connect well with the history tutor assigned for their IGCSE history studies, feel free to contact us for a change of tutor. With years of experience in tutoring, we know how important a good tutor-student fit is, and we’ll strive to find another tutor who is better suited to your child’s academic level and studies. Our tutors are seasoned in adapting their tutoring styles to match students’ needs, especially at the IGCSE level.

Can the IGCSE History tutor help my child improve their essay writing skills?

Yes, our history tutors excel in tutoring students to improve their essay-writing skills which is a critical aspect of IGCSE history exams. Under the guidance of our tutors who have years of experience, your child will learn strategies for effective argumentation, structuring essays, and using evidence. This tutoring is highly beneficial at the IGCSE level, preparing students not just for history but also for other subjects that require essay-writing skills. It’s part of the holistic learning experience we offer to students.

How do I cancel or reschedule an IGCSE History lesson?

If you need to cancel or reschedule one of your child’s IGCSE history tutoring lessons, you can contact the tutor directly through our online platform. Given the school schedules and the demands of IGCSE level studies, we recommend giving ample notice to your tutor to minimise any inconvenience. Our history tutors have years of experience and understand that students sometimes need to adjust their tutoring sessions.

What if my child needs additional support outside of IGCSE History lessons?

For extra academic support beyond history tutoring, our tutors are well-equipped to assist. With years of tutoring experience across various subjects, including maths and English, they can help students excel not just in history but also in other subjects at the GCSE level. Whether it’s honing study skills, learning time management techniques, or tackling other academic subjects, our experienced tutors offer a well-rounded educational experience that prepares students for success in their school studies and beyond.

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